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Redefine Nutrition is a dietary supplement company that has produced a line of sports nutrition supplements. According to Redefine Nutrition advertising, these products are designed to increase weight loss, fitness and performance. The creators of this line suggest that the products and company were created with the purpose of designing a focused line of supplements that is provides effectiveness, safety and affordability that the Redefine Nutrition founders did not feel was available anywhere else on the market.

List Of Ingredients

Three products make up the Redefine Nutrition product line: a testosterone enhancer, a fat burner and a muscle mass booster. Ingredients varies depending on the specific product but the foundation of the supplements is herbal extracts.

Product Features

The Redefine Nutrition company’s product line contains a testosterone enhancer, a fat burner and a muscle mass booster. The marketing department at Redefine Nutrition promote these products as containing high grade herbal extracts and elements. For example, Redefine Nutrition PCT Revolution is the testosterone boosting formula sold by the company. This supplement contains extracts like Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek Extract and Eurycoma Longfolia, which are herbal extracts that many men associate with performance enhancing formulas. The Redefine Nutrition product line includes: Mass Muscle – Redefine Nutrition Finaflex 550-XD, 60 Capsules, Fat Burner – Redefine Nutrition Finaflex Ripped, 60 Capsules, and Testosterone Booster – Redefine Nutrition PCT Revolution, 60 Capsules.

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  • Redefine Nutrition products are supposed to have natural herbal ingredients as their active ingredients.
  • Redefine Nutrition has a product line that offers a variety of supplements.
  • Redefine Nutrition offers reviews on their website and where the product is sold so consumers can compare it to the competition’s products.


  • Redefine Nutrition does not offer any third party research data to support their claims.
  • Redefine Nutrition can be hard to find locally.
  • Redefine Nutrition meets can be expensive.


Redefine Nutrition offers current information about their product line and the company. The information is also available at the retail stores that carry Redefine Nutrition products. Some retail sites provide their customers with reviews of different products as well so the consumer can compare and make a decision based on their own needs. Redefine Nutrition uses the Phoenix as a logo which their advertising bills as a symbol of rebirth to the sports nutrition industry with their products Finaflex 550-XD, Finaflex Ripped and PCT Revolution. These products are supposed to help with fat burning, performance, stamina and muscle mass. There appears to be no outside research to support the company’s claim on any of the company’s products.

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