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Women are constantly complaining that diet and fitness products are made for men and don’t work right for them. The makers of Redline Princess listened, took notes, and came up with a product made just for women. What woman doesn’t want to be heard and validated? This product attempts to tap into that thought pattern and has been quite successful in doing so.


List of Ingredients


Proprietary blend, beta alanine, ascorbic acid, caffeine, beta phenylethylamine, hordenine HCL, evoburn, n-methyl tyramine, 5-hydroxytryptophan, potassium citrate, vinpocetine, yohimbine HCL, St. Johns Wort extract, highly purified water, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, sucralose, potassium phosphate dibasic, di-sodium EDTA.


Product Features


The makers of the Redline Princess products have a specific demographic in mind, women. The products are made specifically to give women energy without leaving them feeling jittery and out of control. One of the main ingredients is PEA which is supposed to create a euphoric mood much like chocolate.


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  • The product can easily be purchased online.
  • There are a variety of flavors from which to choose.



  • The company offers no money back guarantee.
  • One of the main ingredients is listed as a proprietary blend which makes it difficult to assess the exact ingredients or potential effectiveness of the product.
  • The company does not provide testimonials of satisfied customers.
  • The manufacturer offers no scientific support of the efficacy of the product.
  • The bottle is quite expensive if one wanted to use it daily.
  • Side effects may include sensitivity to the sun, insomnia and increased levels of anxiety.
  • The product is marketed and made for women only.
  • The product is not recommended for people who are significantly overweight.




While this product may indeed give consumers an energy boost, it is not something that should be used all the time. The manufacturer even goes so far as to warn people to start slowly and never to drink more than half a bottle a day. Add to that the fact that those who are significantly overweight shouldn’t use it and it becomes a less than stellar choice for a weight loss regimen. While it is certainly true that most people could use a bit of an energy boost to get them through their daily workout, this type of product has received a great deal of bad press in the past for the side effects associated with the ingredients that boost energy. Instead, consider utilizing a safe weight loss supplement that will help suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, or both. If you choose a product that has been studied and proven safe you will be able to work out at your own pace and skip the energy drinks.

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    Redline princess was great l took it after breakfast and did not get hungry the rest of the day. I can’t find it anywhere can it be ordered online.