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Redmond Trading company is a developer of salt, bath salts, oils and moisturizing clays as beauty aids. They were founded in 2005 and are located in Redmond, Washington. According to the Redmond Trading company, they focus is on the well being of their customers, community and staff and profitability is secondary. Over the years Redmond Trading has designed a full product line, which is available in grocery stores, health food stores and through online marketing sites.

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Product Features

Redmond Trading has developed a variety of salts, that includes Garlic and Onion Salts. The company has traditionally been focused on edible salts, Redmond Trading has also created bath salts. Redmond Trading company’s full line of salt and related products are: Oils – Redmond Trading Coconut Oil (edible), Garlic and Onion Salt – Redmond Trading Organic Garlic Salt, Redmond Trading Organic Onion Salt, Gift Set – Redmond Trading Organic Season 4oz Gift Set, Organic Salt – Redmond Trading Organic Season Salt, Real Salt – Redmond Trading Real Salt Coarse Pouch, Redmond Trading Real Salt Kosher Pouch, Redmond Trading Real Salt Kosher Shaker, Redmond Trading Real Salt Pouch, Redmond Trading Real Salt Shaker, Travel Size – Redmond Trading Real Salt Travel Shaker, Bath Salts and Clay – Redmond Trading Bath Salt Bottle, Redmond Trading Bath Salts Plus, Redmond Trading Clay Jar, and Books – The Healing Power of Clay by Michel Abehsera.

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  • Redmond Trading products are supposed to be all natural ingredients and adhere to kosher standards when applicable.
  • Redmond Trading offers a full line of products under one brand.
  • Redmond Trading offers reviews on their website and where the product is sold so consumers can compare it to other similar company products.
  • Redmond Trading says they are committed to customer satisfaction.


  • Redmond Trading can be hard to find locally.
  • Redmond Trading can be more expensive than other products depending on where it is purchased.


Redmond Trading provides their customers with a line of kosher, organic and flavored salts. The company also sells Coconut Oil, bath salts and clays as beauty related products. Redmond Trading offers testimonials from customers who have supposedly used their products and stated they wanted to tell other potential customers about their own experiences with the staff of Redmond Trading company. The company claims the products are in line with industry standards and are created with quality ingredients and procedures. People who consider using the products should read the product labels to determine if there are any ingredients that may cause skin allergies or related conditions.

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