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Reductamin is a product promoted as a weight loss supplement. The supplement is popular in the United Kingdom as a slimming medication that does not require a prescription and there are reportedly no side effects to taking the product. This claim may or may not be accurate because the exact formula and ingredient information for Reductamin has not been confirmed to date.

List Of Ingredients

The manufacturer of Reductamin recommends taking two capsules per day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Some people believe that Kola-Nut is the main active ingredient although this is not confirmed by Reductamin. If Kola-Nut is indeed the active ingredient this would likely meant that Reductamin is based on an energy and metabolism boost from caffeine. Reductamin reports the supplement to be safe when the dosage instructions are followed. Reductamin can be taken on a long-term basis but should be stopped after a 3 month course for a period of time and then resumed as needed.

Product Features

Reductamin’s advertising campaign claims using the formula will allow the taker to utilize all three proven weight loss methods with one capsule to swallow. The maker claims the product will reduce the users appetite for food, ensures the users stomach feels full after consuming small amounts of food and also speeds up the users metabolism that will result in a higher calorie burn. The maker of Reductamin does not supply any information concerning research studies, ingredients or clinical data to support their claim.

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  • Reductamin claims to utilize three components of weight loss.
  • Reductamin claims to help end yo-yo dieting.
  • Reductamin contains an appetite suppressant.
  • Reductamin contains a fat burning agent.


  • Reductamin claims are not supported by scientific information.
  • Reductamin does not provide any ingredient information about their blend.
  • Reductamin does not promote diet and exercise as part of their weight loss plan.


Reductamin secrecy surrounding their proprietary blend makes it difficult to make an informed opinion as to the products effectiveness. Reductamin claims it contains only safe and effective ingredients that suppress the appetite or cause feelings of satiety without any side effects then the supplement would be of value. It would be beneficial to anyone who seeks to use any supplement, including Reductamin, to know what ingredients make up the formula before usage begins. Some people have allergy concerns that could be cleared up with complete product information. Anyone who has health concerns such as heart disease or diabetes should seek the advice of a medical doctor or other health care professional before beginning a supplement with unknown ingredients.

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    Amanda Wilson

    can this be bought in the US? if so where?