Reduction AM Shot Review

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Reduction AM Shot is a morning wake-up call filled with caffeine and synephrine. The fat burning supplement comes in powdered form so dieters must measure out each dose and mix with water or juice before taking. This could easily cause an overdose if the dieter puts too much powder in each dose and with 200 mg of caffeine per serving; there is little room for extra powder.

List of Ingredients


  • Natural Caffeine
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Cocoa Extract
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Bioperine

Product Features

Nearly all of the ingredients in Reduction Am Shot are stimulants. Caffeine is clinically proven to boost metabolism and energy, but at 200 mg per dose, the average dieter will likely feel some negative effects of caffeine after taking the first dose. Caffeine can cause increased heart rate, jitters, shakiness and nausea. It is best to start with a smaller dose and work up to the full dose if you are not used to taking this much caffeine at one time.

Cocoa extract is standardized for theobromine, a natural source of caffeine. While theobromine does not have the stimulant capacity of natural caffeine, it does increase the stimulation of Reduction AM Shot.

Citrus aurantium is a source of synephrine. Synephrine is a stimulant similar to ephedra that causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Despite the similarities between ephedra and synephrine, synephrine is still legal for use in diet supplements like Reduction AM Shot.

Bioperine is black pepper extract. This ingredient helps the other ingredients absorb more quickly and efficiently.

According to the product description, Reduction AM Shot increases energy and fat burn while controlling hunger at night. There are no ingredients to control hunger, so we believe this part of the description refers to the Reduction PM product that is often sold with Reduction AM Shot.

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  • A complete ingredient list for Reduction AM Shot is available online.
  • The product can be purchased online.
  • Caffeine is proven to increase energy and metabolism.


  • Contains more caffeine than the average dieter needs to increase metabolism.
  • Comes in powder form, which could make it easy to overdose on caffeine.
  • Contains multiple stimulants.


Reduction AM Shot is clearly a stimulant supplement. There are no appetite suppressants in the formula so the dieter is left with increased metabolism and increased hunger. Reduction PM is designed to reduce hunger at night, but the AM version does not bother to include an appetite suppressant.

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