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People who seek to lose weight may look to the Reebok Core Board as an aid in their exercise program. This is a piece of core exercise equipment manufactured by Reebok company. This is the same Reebok that is well known for the various athletic shoes, clothing, and equipment. The Core Board is supposed to enhance core strength, improve stability, and promote overall coordination and balance. The product is marketed as having the capability to move seamlessly in response to the user’s body and address all core muscle groups. The Reebok Core Board can be used in combination with resistance bands or alone and it can be used in standing or prone position.

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Product Features

The Reebok Core Board is reported to operate through a recoil movement, that provides a response that is equal to and opposite of the user’s movement. This is the resistance feature. the recoil action pushes the user back in the direction they came from. The Reebok Core Board comes with a platform that measures approximately 29 inches x 22 inches x 6 inches high and includes eight places to attach the resistance tubing. There is a guide available online that shows users different types of exercises and workout routines appropriate for the Reebok Core Board.

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  • Reebok Core Board may motivate the dieter to get active.
  • Reebok Core Board provides guides about the exercises recommended for use with the equipment.
  • Reebok Core Board has a money back program.


  • It is unknown if Reebok Core Board routines work better than not using the piece of equipment.
  • It is not clear if a guide comes in the packaging with the Reebok Core Board or if it is only available online.


The Reebok Core Board is designed to be used in many different types of workout routines according to product information from the manufacturer. The variety is supposed to allow the user to target all the core muscles. There is a guide available concerning the exercises but it may or may not be included in the box with the Reebok Core Board. The board seems to be able to store in small spaces and it is adjustable. The Reebok Core Board may be a valuable piece of workout equipment if the manual and all support documentation is included in the packaging. The product does require a commitment in order to be effective. The company does not supply any scientific research as to the results that are claimed by using the device.

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