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Reebok is the maker of athletic shoes and is now marketing a shoe directly to people who want to lose weight or tone up their legs. The shoe is called EasyTone and is shaped in a way that is suppose to help give definition to legs and the buttocks just by walking. EasyTone shoes are marketed as easy to use and allow the user to achieve greater benefits from the walking routine. Reebok claims that wearing the shoes and walking normally will help to tone the legs and buttocks. The shoes are designed with balance pods built into the bottom of the shoes that are suppose to provide a slight instability. This instability purportedly aids in toning because it forces the muscles to work harder along the walk. This is supposed to lead to the toning of the targeted muscles. The Reebok design claims to increase the workout of the hamstrings and calves get by 11 percent and glutes by 28 percent. Reebok claims people who wear the shoes will get the sensation of walking on sand. The shoes are suppose to be safe to wear everyday and this may help to provide more benefits.

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Reebok’s EasyTone shoes are marketed as an exercise enhancement to be added to daily activities or current walking workout. Reebok claims full toning benefit can be achieved from the shoes when people walk around in them. The shoes are suppose to work by making the muscles work harder to remain balanced. No additional exercise routine has to be added to the current workout.

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  • Reebok users may receive extra toning benefit during their current walking routine.
  • The EasyTone shoes come in a variety of colors.
  • Reebok EasyTone shoes are comparably priced among other athletic shoes.


  • Reebok EasyTone shoes are for toning and not a complete diet and exercise program that would enhance weight loss.
  • Results are likely to vary and may not be related to the amount they are used.
  • Reebok only has the EasyTone shoes available for women.


EasyTone shoes are made by Reebok and are similar to other toning shoes that have been released on the market. The shoes are supposed to work by making people feel off balance and their muscles would then work harder to compensate for the difference. This process is supposed to aid in extra toning in the legs and buttocks. This product has not been scientifically tested to substantiate any of the claims. No additional exercise routines are supposed to be needed other than the current walking program that may already be in place.

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    john abbott

    I have purchased your product for years I wear size 12 high tops for my ankels but your shoes are getting weak and the soles collapse and the sides come apart in less than six months I have always liked the shoes but $60.00 a pair should last longer dont you think…… john d abbott