Reebok Step Video Review

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Step Reebok Video

What You Should Know

The Step Reebok Video was one of the first step aerobics training videos on the market in the early 90s and is still widely available today. It can be purchased though independent retailers and is not available directly from the Reebok website. The workout is intense and repetitious, consisting of stepping up and down on a platform with arm movements.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable.

Product Details

Instructor Gin Miller, the inventor of step aerobics, narrates an exercise class using a step platform also manufactured by Reebok. The DVD and step platform should be purchased together, at a cost of about $100. The DVD can be purchased separately for $19.95, but is designed to be used in conjunction with the step platform and will be less effective without it. The DVD is formatted to play in any country and is widely available online through Gin Miller’s website, book and DVD sellers and fitness outlets. The video is 48 minutes long and was originally released in 1992. The workout lasts 45 minutes, including warm up and cool down.

The Good

  • The Step Reebok Video is a good workout.
  • The music is lively and the video has the slick look and feel of a professional music video.

The Bad

  • Once it’s opened, you can’t return it.
  • Reebok no longer supports this product.
  • The workout may be far too intense for beginners.
  • This type of exercise is more appropriate for fitness than for weight loss.
  • Intense exercise programs should only be attempted with a doctor’s approval.
  • The Reebok step platform is pricey, even considering that it comes packaged with the DVD.
  • The repetition of the workout is likely to get boring really fast.


We can’t recommend this for a beginner. The workout is intense and requires balance, coordination and a fitness level too advanced for most average people. It is too intimidating for the average person who just wants to drop some weight. We do highly recommend an exercise program, but the Step Reebok Video may prove to be overly strenuous and potentially dangerous for people who are overweight.

A more achievable approach is to eat a healthy, low calorie diet, drink lots of water, and start with a moderate exercise like walking that requires no special equipment, gym membership, or other purchases. After you have built some muscle and raised your fitness level, the Step Reebok Video would make a fine addition to a collection of fitness DVDs. To boost your weight loss, find a fat burning supplement from a reliable source that you trust. An appetite suppressant can also contribute to successful weight loss by helping you stick to your diet.

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