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As you can see, there is a great deal to sort through if you are in the market for a supplement or program to aid you with fat loss. A good place to begin is with the company that makes the product. If the manufacturer or company is out of business, you should take this detail into consideration prior to buying their products. In this review, we are going to examine a supplement known as Reforme.

As with most weight loss products, Reforme contains a few active components. These are Green Tea Extract (contains caffeine and may aid with calorie burning), Panax Ginseng (a natural herbal ingredient), Fucoxanthin (it is unknown how this component assists with weight loss), and Chromium (may help promote lean muscle tissue). There are no testimonials or before and after photos presented on an official website for this weight loss supplement.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Extract, Panax Ginseng, Fucoxanthin, and Chromium.

Product Features

Reforme is a diet product that is manufactured by the company LeptoThin, which no longer appears to be around. Furthermore, Reforme does not appear to be sold any longer through online distributors. Unfortunately this means there is minimal information provided for this supplement. However, it is revealed that this product is available over the counter, and it is claimed to suppress appetite, burn away fat, and boost the user’s energy levels to some degree. More specifically, Reforme is claimed to “incinerate fat cells.” It is clear that this weight loss supplement contains ample amounts of caffeine, which is the ingredient that is probably supposed to increase the user’s energy and aid with fat or calorie burning. Unfortunately, caffeine is a stimulant that draws water from the muscles, and dehydrates the body. From what is revealed online, there was no 100 percent satisfaction guarantee offered with Reforme.

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  • Like countless other diet products, Reforme was available online.
  • The primary ingredients for this supplement are posted online for review.


  • The company that developed Reforme seems to be out of business.
  • Reforme is no longer sold through dealers online.
  • This product contains high levels of caffeine, which may dehydrate some users.
  • It is unclear how this diet formula incinerates fat.
  • Reforme may cause jitteriness, sleeplessness, and irritability in some users.


When all is said and done, Reforme is definitely not a weight loss product we would encourage you to take. Regardless, this diet supplement appears to be off the market at this point. Not only is Reforme loaded with caffeine, but is also lacks a money-back guarantee. It is prudent to investigate the weight loss supplement market a little more, and check out formulas that have more to offer, but without side effects and high levels of caffeine.

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