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Regulux is a dietary supplement that is promoted as a detoxification aid. Detoxifying the colon is a popular way that many people feel will promote good health and stimulate weight loss at the same time. People who support this notion of internal cleansing state the body can have several pounds of built up waste in the digestive system. These people feel a thorough cleanse push out this excess weight and enhance the function of various bodily systems. These beliefs have not been substantiated with scientific research. Regulux supplement is promoted as an internal cleanser. The producers of the supplement state that it is capable of providing the body with a deep cleanse which they associate with an internal shower for the body.

List Of Ingredients

Regulux is a two step formula system. The Pre-Cleanse formula and the Post-Cleanse formula are both suppose to be made up of all natural ingredients. The supplements are suppose to be made up of high quality and all natural ingredients. The two key ingredients appear to be Senna and Psyllium.

Product Features

Regulux uses both of these supplements as a source of dietary fiber. Fiber is an ingredient found in many internal cleansing products. Fiber is a bulking agent that is supposed to be able to push out unwanted substances and toxins from the body. It is found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. Fiber is suppose to increase the number of bowel movements. This is apparently the basis for the Regulux system, to increase bowel movements as a way to decrease the built up waste in the system and flush it from body. Additionally, some people feel that fiber takes longer to digest which allows the stomach to feel fuller longer and might help to reduce snacking between meals. Supposedly people following a high fiber diet may consume fewer calories at the end of the day.

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  • Regulux appears to be made from all natural ingredients.
  • Regulux may use the natural properties of fiber to aid in the cleansing process.


  • Regulux does not have any data to support their claims of the benefits of detoxification or the products ability to provide the claims.
  • Regulux may not be readily available at all times.


Regulux is suppose to provide dieters a high two step system to help cleanse the body to get it ready for a weight loss plan. Many people also believe a detox system will help to maintain good health and weight management. Regulux may contain the high grade of ingredients that it claims however these ingredients may not yield the results claimed by the company.

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