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Do you want to take the reigns of bodybuilding in hand and achieve massive muscle gains with a supplement that works? So does every bodybuilder, but finding a supplement that works is like sorting through a haystack in search of a needle. Reign is a supplement by Science Defined Nutrition. The name of the company implies that the supplements are “defined” by science, but we found no clinical testing or research studies supporting the supplement. Reign is a testosterone booster with all the common ingredients found in other testosterone boosters. There is no real support for supplements like Reign in the bodybuilding industry because they simply do not boost testosterone. Typically, the ingredients inhibit estrogen and increase libido, giving the bodybuilder the feeling of increased testosterone.

Testosterone builders are not designed for weight loss. Though men may want to boost testosterone to increase weight loss, there is no evidence that products like Reign will have any effect on testosterone levels. The ingredients are used to support natural testosterone levels, not increase total testosterone.

List of Ingredients

Humanfort: (Standardized Embryonic Peptide Extract) (Extracted from Chicken Embryo), EcdyMorph (Standardized to 99% 20-Hydroxyecdysone) (Extracted From Rhaponicum Carthamoides).

Free Reign Herbal Blend: Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris (80% Saponins, 40% Protodioscin), Avena Sativa, Eurycoma Longifolia, Zinc Gluconate, Rhodiola (3%), Pyridoxine, Piper Nigrum, Magnesium Aspartate.

Product Features

The Free Reign Herbal Blend is the heart of the supplement. The ingredients, like tribulus terrestris and eurycoma longfolia, are commonly used in test boosters. Do they increase testosterone? The simple answer is no. These ingredients are also used to boost libido and herein lays the secret of many test boosters. Libido is controlled by testosterone so the user thinks they are feeling the effects of increased testosterone when they are not.

Reign sells online through various vitamin companies. The supplement ingredients are listed clearly in the product description. The supplement should be taken for at least 8 weeks before feeling the full effects.

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  • Reign is available online.
  • Ingredients are commonly used in test boosters.
  • May cause the user to feel like testosterone has increased.


  • Will not likely have any real effect on testosterone.
  • Must be taken for a minimum of 8 weeks for full effects.
  • If taken for less than 8 weeks, the 8 week period must be restarted.


Reign is just another supplement that claims to increase testosterone without clinical proof. There are many supplements like these one and all contain the same ingredients. Testosterone boosters give the user the feeling of increased testosterone, but they don’t really change hormone levels. Dieters do not need to boost testosterone, so this supplement is just a waste of money for the average dieter.

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