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Reiki Cleansing is a healing art practice that was developed in the early 1900′s by Mikao Usui. Like varieties of ancient Eastern wellness practices, Reiki utilizes a series of fasting exercises to cleanse the body. Usui’s Reiki Cleansing program developed from a 21-day fasting and meditation retreat located in the mountains of Japan. Usui died a few years after he developed the Reiki Cleansing program but the Reiki tradition continues to grow as a way t cleanse. Some people use the method as a weight loss regimen. There is no scientific evidence put forth by the Reiki practitioners and trainers concerning the effectiveness of the program for long term weight loss.

List Of Ingredients

A Reiki Cleansing program permits a day of fasting from all food. Only water is allowed on this the next days will allow for the gradual re-introduction of certain foods. The first foods re-introduced are fruit and juices. Then vegetables and some dairy products will be brought back into the program next. After the first week of the program other foods such as meats, sugars, and white flour are slowly brought back in. The bodily cleansing is supposed to be accompanied the various spiritual and mental disciplines such as meditation and are supposed to be based on Usui’s original formulas.

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The Reiki Cleansing system was developed as a spiritual awareness ritual that some have decided to turn into a weight loss formula. Although cleansing routines may help to alleviate fluid weight or short term weight, as soon as the dieter begins to eat again, the weight will return. The Reiki method is not supported by scientific research.

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  • Reiki Cleansing might help the dieter to boost weight loss in the beginning.
  • Reiki Cleansing does not require the purchase or taking of supplements.
  • Reiki Cleansing is a system developed several years ago.


  • Reiki Cleansing is not supported by the scientific community.
  • Reiki Cleansing may not be effective at helping with long term weight goals.


Using Reiki Cleansing may be tempting to detoxify the body and jumpstart a weight loss plan. However, there is no evidence to support long term use of the cleansing system. The system does provide instruction on the deletion and reintroduction of food but does not provide a long term healthy nutrition plan for people to follow, nor is there a recommended exercise program. The program was not designed as a weight loss program initially. People who intend to use this system may wish to speak to their medical doctor or other health care professional before starting the system.

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