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Reishi Gano 161 is a dietary supplement that bases their formula on ancient herbal medicine traditions. Reishi Gano 161 derives its foundation from the beleif that for thousands of years practitioners in the Asian regions have relied on the supposed benefits of the reishi mushroom. This mushroom is the single active ingredient in Reishi Gano 161. The maker claims the particular extract can fight numerous types of sickness and enhance health in general. Some people attempt to use this supplement to try to lose weight, detoxify their system, or simply regain good health.

List Of Ingredients

Reishi Gano 161 dietary supplement contains water extracted reishi.

Product Features

Reishi Gano 161 contains water extracted reishi and is marketed as a booster for the heart, liver, and immune system. Reishi mushrooms are also called lingzhi. These are traditionally used as tonics for general wellness because people think they have the ability to support several bodily systems and organs simultaneously. The reishi mushrooms are supposed to help brain function and are purportedly used to attempt to improve conditions such as senility while boosting energy levels. Reishi Gano 161 is supposed to be effective for relieving respiratory conditions like bronchitis. Reishi mushrooms are believed by some to be able to lower cholesterol levels and fatty acids. The maker claims additional benefits of the reishi mushroom such as disorders related to sleep and digestion. The mushroom grows on the trunks of trees and is reportedly been used in traditional Asian medicine for different types of conditions. Reishi Gano 161 is suppose to contain a 20 times concentrated extract. The extraction is supposed to be done by a cold compress method to keep the integrity of the mushroom.

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  • Reishi Gano 161 contains only one ingredient and it is all natural.
  • Reishi Gano 161 is based on a traditional Asian practice.
  • Reishi Gano 161 ingredient has been used for centuries.


  • Reishi Gano 161 is not supported by the scientific research or data.
  • Reishi Gano 161 makes many claims that seem too good to be true.


Reishi Gano 161 may be effective at promoting good health and contains only one ingredient that is all natural. However the claims made by Reishi Gano 161 have not been supported by any scientific research or data. The product seems to be marketed to people who are recovering from an illness or attempting a whole body cleanse. However, these are also the people who may need to seek medical advice before beginning any type of supplement. The herb may or may not be beneficial to weight loss but lifestyle changes must be made in addition to taking the supplement to see any affects. A nutritional diet and appropriate exercise routine should be considered.

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    Aloha starbuck

    Are there any side affects?


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    kindly inform me what is the effect of usuning reishi hano with maitake and raitash