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Reishi mushrooms, commonly referred to as Ganoderma Lucidum and ling zhi, have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds or thousands of years. According to alternative experts, the Reishi mushroom is supposed to bring the body back to a natural state. This natural state is equivalent to perfect health when all organs are working perfectly. Like most mushrooms and herbs in Chinese medicine, there is no proof the Reishi mushroom will work as described and we could find no website offering testimonials from people who improved their health by taking Reishi mushroom regularly.

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Ganoderma Lucidum

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The most common form of Reishi mushroom is the red Reishi. Advocates claim the mushroom is safe for human consumption and daily use. The health benefits associated with the Reishi mushroom include improved overall health, improved immune system function and blood circulation. There is mention of studies being performed in China, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom and there is a link on the official website to Google Scholar where we did find journal results for Reishi mushrooms. None of the studies, however, have anything to do with weight loss benefits.

On a stretch, the dieter could take the Reishi mushroom along with a fat burning supplement to improve health and weight loss at the same time. According to the official website for the Reishi mushroom, there are no known side effects between the mushroom and medications. There is a suggestion, however, to seek advice from a professional before mixing prescriptions and the Reishi mushroom so we can assume the same can be said for alternative medications or supplements.

Reishi mushroom supplements sell for as little as $5 for 60 capsules. There are many manufacturers and strengths so consumers need to choose a trusted manufacturer to ensure they are receiving the supplement they are looking for.

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  • Reishi mushroom may improve overall health.
  • Science backs up many of the health claims.
  • Reishi mushroom is cheap at only $5 per bottle.


  • No weight loss effects could be found for the Reishi mushroom.
  • There are many different types of supplements which could be confusing for the dieter.
  • The official website for the Reishi mushroom does not sell supplements, as far as we could tell.
  • Before taking the Reishi mushroom, dieters should talk with an alternative therapist.


The Reishi mushroom is not a weight loss supplement, but it could help the dieter to improve overall good health. There are lots of research studies supporting the positive effects of the Reishi mushroom, but many were completed more than a decade ago, so recent studies should be used to concur older findings. The supplement is cheap enough to try, but not for weight loss.

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    how to get reishi mushroom in madhya pradesh india


  • 2

    You cant find any positive reviews regarding the use of reishi mushroom??? hhhhm, I sure did, which makes me really question this site. One search on google and you can find many amazing health benefits from real people not trying to sell bad diet advise.



    “we could find no website offering testimonials from people who improved their health by taking Reishi mushroom regularly”

    I agree with Christine – I found a grip-load of sites bragging about this mushroom. WebMD even has 15 people who suggest it. Time to let go of the Western Mindset guys!