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ReliSlim Herbal is a dietary supplement marketed as an Advanced Stress Mitigating Complex. The makers of ReliSlim Herbal claim the product is capable of elevating the mood and helping to reduce stress. In addition to the basic quality of life improvements the company claims will occur by taking ReliSlim Herbal and reducing stress, some people say they have been able to reduce the amount of belly fat they have accumulated. The company basis this theory on the idea that stress induces cortisol production and the belief that high levels cortisol in the body may lead to fat accumulating around the waist, hips, and belly.

List Of Ingredients

ReliSlim Herbal contains a blend of 5HTP, St. John’s Wort and Valerian Root. ReliSlim Herbal states that the 5HTP will help relieve insomnia, mood control, and help with appetite suppression. Valerian Root is supposedly a light sedative and is also claimed to be able to help control anxiety, nervousness, stress and insomnia. Valerian Root is supposed to contain several nutrients and phytochemicals that are beneficial to health. St. John’s Wort has been used to self treat depression without a prescription. Some people claim it is as effective as prescription antidepressants without as many side effects. These claims have not been supported by scientific research.

Product Features

ReliSlim Herbal product is said to be stimulant free. Therefore people who are sensitive to stimulants may not have to be concerned about the side effects associated with other stimulant based supplements. The calming herbs are included to help reduce the effects of insomnia but the product claims it does not create drowsiness. The ReliSlim Herbal manufacturer claims users will feel better within the first few days and may realize a reduction in belly fat within two or three weeks. the company does not back these claims up with clinical data of any sort.

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  • ReliSlim Herbal contains only all natural ingredients.
  • ReliSlim Herbal is based on a stress reduction theory.
  • ReliSlim Herbal uses well known herbal ingredients.


  • ReliSlim Herbal claims are not supported by scientific research or data.
  • ReliSlim Herbal claims cover a broad spectrum of conditions which may sound too good to be true.


ReliSlim Herbal is suppose to work most effectively when used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise routine. Diet and exercise have their own stress reduction and weight loss factors so it is unknown how much of the clients reported results are due to their lifestyle and how much are contributable to ReliSlim Herbal. Because St. John’s Wort may interact with other medications, it is important to seek a physician’s approval.

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