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Relora is an ingredient that is added to dietary supplements in order to assist men and women with weight loss. It is a “patented blend of plant extracts” and is claimed to aid with appetite suppression and stress management. This product is manufactured by Next Pharmaceuticals and is claimed to not cause drowsiness in users. One oral supplement containing Relora is Solanova Bio, which is sold in capsule form and contains 250mg of Relora per serving. The retail cost of this diet product is $19.99 and it sells via and a number of other websites. There do not appear to be any customer testimonials posted on the official Relora website.

The website for Relora states that one of the primary causes for weight gain is stress. Therefore, it helps to balance hormone levels within the body in order to reduce stress. This is the goal of Relora supplements. By balancing the user’s hormones, Relora aims to minimize belly fat and even curb cravings. This means that the user will potentially consume fewer calories overall, and therefore lose excess body fat. Products such as Solanova Bio that contain Relora are offered with a money-back guarantee when purchased through websites like The key components of Relora are stated to be various plant extracts, although surprisingly few details on these plants are available.

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Relora is essentially a component of dietary supplements that is claimed to help men and women with weight reduction. This ingredient is a blend of plant extracts that claims to balance out the user’s hormone levels, which reduces stress. Relora also suppresses appetite and is stated to relax most individuals. It can be found in dietary supplements such as Solanova Bio (capsules), which can be acquired through for $19.99. There is some clinical data offered on the official website for Relora. Supplements containing Relora are not suitable for individuals under the age of 18.

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  • Supplements containing Relora can be easily and conveniently purchased through a number of websites like
  • Relora generally comes in an easy-to-take capsule form.
  • There is some clinical data presented on the official website for Relora.
  • Some products that feature Relora, such as Solanova Bio, are offered with a money-back guarantee.


  • Dietary supplements containing Relora do not aim to burn fat, only relieve stress.
  • Some individuals may be allergic to certain ingredients found in Relora supplements.
  • There are no free trial samples of Relora supplements offered via the official website.
  • There are no customer testimonials provided on the website for Relora.
  • A specific diet plan and fitness regimen are not recommended on the official Relora website.
  • Relora cannot be taken by individuals under the age of 18.


Relora is unique in comparison to many dietary supplements that claim to burn fat and boost energy levels. One aspect of Relora that may be intriguing for some is the notion that it balances hormone levels and reduces stress in order to minimize belly fat and excess body weight. However, weight loss is not this supplements primary goal and it would still be nice to see some customer testimonials presented on the official website, along with some free trial samples of Relora supplements. Be sure to consult a doctor before taking a diet drug such as Relora.

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51 User Reviews about Relora

  • 1
    Jane Taylor

    I have been using relora for 3 months and have lost 3/4 of a stone. I also feel more relaxed and happy. I live in the UK and purchsed it from


  • 2

    Just bought some Relora today in the hopes of helping lower cortisol levels, reducing stress, and possiblt losing excess weight in the process. I noticed after taking it..maybe an hour after, that I got a little headache. I take Venlafaxine 150 mg daily for anxiety, is a headache common with Relora? I’m thinking about taking some Advil before I go to bed.


  • 3

    So far so good. I have been using relora for about 3weeks. I noticed that I am more calm, relaxed and my 4 pm stress eating has stopped. I seem to not have the desire to eat constantly since I have been taking relora. I am happy thus far.



    I get hungry around 4 pm too…thats when snacks look good. Not sure if its stress related though, maybe more of a boredom or early evening hunger thing. Usually I’m hitting a bowl of ice cream. Did you experience any headaches when you started taking it?


  • 4

    No one seems to know the preferred dosage of Relora.
    Can I take 2 or 3 a day of 350 mg capsules?


  • 5

    Attention: every BODY is different and thus not all “avg doses” work for everyone. USE CAUTION and do your research. Be SKEPTICAL and be OPEN-MINDED. I am 50 yr old female with auto-immune Hashimoto Thyroiditis hypothyroidism. I take synthroid and cytomel daily. I take natural herbs and vitamins/minerals daily. However I am VERY cautious about never taken “average dose” until I test out the product so I always take half the regular dose.
    I was gaining weight and under stress and though I was taking Nature’s Sunshine Nutri-Calm (B complex with 1000% of avg daily allowance) once a day before going to bed it was clear I needed a boost during this extra stressful time.
    So I started taking Source Naturals Relora 250mg. Again because you have to be smart, even though the bottle says 3x a day i only took only one at night with Nutri-Calm. It worked perfectly at the perfect balance. I LOVE RELORA and I LOVE my Nutri-Calm.



    Did you have sleep issues, trouble falling asleep and staying asleep before trying the supplements? This is my problem and I trying to find something or a combination of things to improve my sleep quality.


  • 6
    Debra m

    Do I take relora with or without food? empty stomach or full? And what about HPT-5, Q-10, and Green Tea Extract? And is it safe to take these together? LOVE your show! Never miss it!


  • 7

    Will Relora increase my blood pressure or eye pressure.
    Is it good for sleeping?


  • 8
    jim ashcraft

    I take several medicines, Plavix,crescor,zeta, etc can I take Relora? I anger quickly, seem stressed some have trovble sleeping well just the n ormal things. Can I take relora, does it have anything to do with blote? all this I saw on Dr. Oz. I sure would take it if it would help my sleep, my mood or getting upset so quick, and help to loose weight in the stomach, and I do excerise a lot. thanks in advance.

    jim ashcraft



    have you ever tried or heard of GABA? it did wonders for me.


  • 9

    Is liquid available?? Relora seen on Dr Oz was in liquid form, Where can liquid be purchased?? Liquid form more easily absorbed, pill,capsuls, too large hard to swallow.


  • 10

    I take lunesta to help me sleep will I still need to take this also take lipitor can I still take the relora.


  • 11

    I take Coumadin for a blood clot and Metoprolol for atrial fibrillation. Can I take Relora safety?


  • 12

    I am on hormone replacement therapy. Since I started taking Relora my breasts seem to be getting larger.Does Relora interfere or enhance the hormones that I take. I am concerned since I have a history of post-menopausal cancer in my family.


  • 13

    Do not take Relora is you have an Auto Immune Disease. It can lower your blood pressure and cause great damage.


  • 14

    I have an auto immund disease. I took 5 Relora pills over 1 week. I got up one night and became very disoriented. I fell back and tried to get up to get help. I bumped into everything and finally passed out. I ended up in the ER with low blood pressure, something that isn’t normal for me. I had several injuries. A pharmist recommended Relora to me for stress and to help me sleep and later told me that I shouldn’t take it during the day. It is a good pharmacy generally. I am not overweight. I wouldn’t advise taking it if you have an auto-immune disease or have had any problems with drug interactions and/or blood pressure problems.


  • 15

    Dr Oz should really explain the potential side effects and interactions to pharmaceuticals. Very unprofessional of him.


  • 16

    Heard just today along with 2 billion others about relora on the Dr. Oz show. My question is this. I currently take a low amount of zanax as needed and a BP diareutic. Should this be ok? Thank you


  • 17

    Can relora be taken with any meds and does it make you dizzy


  • 18

    While I can not answer any of the recent questions, I can attest that Relora does indeed have calming effects.

    I am a Driving Instructor and have two elderly relatives (76 yo Mother and 95 yo Aunt) living with me and I found myself more and more getting irritated over little things and stayed irritated for quite some time. Also, when I woke up in the mornings, my bed looked like a war zone from the tossing and turning (if I woke up early and could not get back to sleep, I was tired the rest of the day, even with a cat-nap later on).

    After taking the first pill (there is a bit of bitter taste, when popping the pill into your mouth (I found that rinsing the pill off with water helps a lot), but there is no aftertaste), I found myself to be much more relaxed (slower to get upset and quicker to calm down) and am sleeping much better (if I wake up early, I feel rested).

    Personally, I have not noticed any weight loss, but my 76 yo mother is taking Relora too. She is much calmer when dealing with her sister and she has already lost over 3 pounds in about 10 days.


  • 19

    Does anyone know if I can take relora while taking a hormone inhibitor for breast cancer?


  • 20
    mary stacey

    I was told to take 2 at bed time to help me sleep due to me waking up during night due to hot flashes. I am not in menopause but flashes started right after I started taking senthroid for my thyroid. Is it safe to take Relora to help me sleep?


  • 21

    can i take relora with 20mg of lexapro?


  • 22

    I took just started taking Relora today for anxiety. I’m weening myself off Pritiq, taking that every other night, not tonight. I’m not sure if I should take both on the same night? Any thoughts?


  • 23

    I heard about Relora and its benefits a few weeks ago from a nutritionist on the Marilyn Denis show. Where can I buy this in Ontario? Can I buy this in store or only online. I’ve checked out a few drug stores and I haven’t found it yet. Thanks!



    Not sure where you are in Ontario but I Found it today (Nature’s Harmony brand) at Real Canadian Superstore in the Organics/vitamins section. You also try Loblaws or can also order it online from and


  • 24




    Try taking 2 at bedtime and 1 in the am upon rising. This is the dosage recommended by Dr Natasha Turner in The Hormone Diet book.


  • 25
    Kelsey @ Snacking Squirrel

    I can honestly attest that Relora is the only herbal supplement that has helped my anxiety and allows me to lead a normal life. Before I had so much stress, anxiety, and fear (of everything)! … right away I noticed a calm feeling when I took it in the morning. 2 capsules in the A.M. balance me and allow me to enjoy a tea or coffee without sending my body into a caffeinated panic. Seriously recommend Relora to anyone who has tried prescription medications, like myself, that didn’t make any difference.


  • 26
    Mariel Santos

    i breast feed by 2 year old does it have any effect or can be harmful to my baby?


  • 27

    I have just started Relora. I can’t swallow the large tablet and have tried cutting them in half. Can you dissolve these in water and still have the pill do it’s job? I hope this isn’t a dumb question. Or is there another route I can take? Thank you!


  • 28

    Relora was highly recommended to me to lower my cortisol levels and maybe get rid of some excess belly fat. I take 5mg of Lexapro which I’m hoping to wean off of. It does say to contact doctor if taking any other meds. Just wondering if anyone had experience with a low dosage of Lexapro and Relora.



    good question Liz. i take 10 mg of lexapro. do i need to stop taking lexapro before i start relora?



    I was told by my nutritionist that one should not take Relora if you are on any type of antidepressants. They interact negatively with one another.



    I take 15mg of Lexapro a day. Tried taking Relora and became Queen Grump, as if I weren’t on Lexapro at all. No thanks! And that was two days if Relora over a week. Day one of both meds followed by a day of edgy moodiness. No Relora for a couple days, all good. Day two if both meds, Despicable Me came back. I’d be interested to know if others have had a similar experience. For now, no Relora for me!



    I would be interested to see if you stopped the Lexapro and tried the Relora by itself, a natural antidepressant would be the way to go, not as many possible horrible side effects!

  • 29

    Vicki, coffee and soda may affect your weight loss as relora works on reducing cortisol levels. This begins with controlling blood sugar levels, eating little and often and try to have as many wholefoods as you can in your diet. When blood sugar drops adrenalin and cortisol are released. Adrenalin is expelled from the body in a few hours but cortisol takes days and a build up can become toxic in the body. It is a stress hormone and quite simply tells your body to hold on to everything, thus no weight loss.
    Take the relora, try to eat well, try to cut coffee down to 1 cup a day and if you can’t cut out soda then limit the amount also.
    Becca, it definitely won’t affect your birth control, it’s dealing with stress, not reproductive hormones.
    Hope this helps and good luck.
    Hope this helps.



    I have noticed warnings not to take Relora if you have autoimmune disease. Why is that?


    Lucia Son

    Hi there,
    Did you ever find out why you shouldn’t take Relora if you have an autoimmune disease? Please let me know! Thank you!


  • 30

    Does anyone know if the Relora will counter-act if you are on birth control?


  • 31

    I just recently purchased relora to help with stress and help with weight loss, my concern is am I able to still drink my coffee and soda’s? I read no, anyone have any feedback for me before I start to take them.


  • 32

    My husband is into health and we were discussing the fact that my office job is so boring that all i do is eat.Im not extremely over weight just needed to drop 10 lbs , so I was talking about getting a diet pill to help, he suggested Relora. I was skeptical at first, but it seems to be working I no longer have the need to eat my boredom away and have lost 4 lbs after just 1 week. ( with exercise)


  • 33

    It was recommended to me by doctor to take before I go to bed to ease hot flashes from waking me up. It does work for that. I used to wake up 4-5 times during the night because of hot flashes. Now MAYBE I might wake up once. My sleep has definitely improved.


  • 34

    I have been using the Lifetime brand of Relora that I purchased at a weight loss clinic, located inside my local gym. I have been using it for several months, with no side effects…except for sleeping better at night..I just feel so much better and more relaxed. I won’t complain about that! I purchased it in hopes that I it would help me to lose weight. I haven’t lost any weight while taking it, but I do feel a lot better including much better mood and having more energy. I am a stress eater, so it is probably helping some with that. I would recommend this product if you are looking for a natural supplement to take for stress, one that will not make you drowsy. It doesn’t seem to work to decrease appetite, at least not for me. This is the best product that I have tried for stress. I liked it so much I bought a second bottle.



    I was so excited to read your post! I work for Lifetime & I just purchased the Relora because my stress level with school & work are through the roof. I’ve gained a lot of weight & I believe a huge part of it is because of the stress, which keeps me from sleeping. I’m lucky if I’ve been getting 3 hours of sleep each night… most of the time I’m up every 15-20 minutes. By the time I get home from work, its usually 11:30pm, & then I’m up again at 3:45/4am to go back into work. I attend school full time in between my work hours. Today is my first day using the Relora, so I hope it helps me as much as it has helped you! thanks for your post!


  • 35

    I was given Relora by my doctor when my husband left and filed for divorce. I was very stressed and though she offered me antidepressants, I wanted to go a more natural route. I did not realize at the time that Relora was a weight loss product. I took it because I was told it would help stabilize my mood. I noticed a substantial difference in my mood when I did not take Relora. I believe it did help me maintain my normal demeanor in a very stressful and traumatic time. Had I known it was a weight loss product, I might had asked for something else. I lost 25lbs due to stress in less than a month before starting the Relora and it took a year before I could bring myself to eat enough to put the weight back on. I guess if that is what you are looking for than it is successful. I recommend it to anyone wanting avoid antidepressants in a situational circumstance.



    How much Relora did you take and what brand ? Also how long,I would be taking it for stress.Nice to know a Dr would suggest something Natural. Thx…



    I have a medical condition and a LOT of pain and the pain is exacerbated bystress and tension which causes muscle tightening and spasm. I have been taking Relora for a couple of weeks. I have Source Naturals, 250mg. I take one when I feel tension or stress beginning to affect me. It seems to help. It definitely has a calming effect. It can also help with tension spasm. I have read on message boards about people who have found it helpful in getting off benzodiazapines.


    Connie R

    Tilly, I suspect your weight loss had more to do with the “divorce” diet (been on that one myself) than the relora.



    I heard the main benefit of Relora is that it helps lower cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can effect anxiety and stress levels but also contributes to weight problems. I don’t think that just because other people use Relora to lose weight that necessarily means that it is bad for you. Lots of herbs, supplements, and medications are used for multiple purposes because they effect more than one aspect of your health. It’s common for lots of people to have too much cortisol that negatively effects both physical and mental health. I don’t think reducing cortisol levels with Relora would cause any harm to you as long as you are taking the recommended dose.