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ReloraMAX Stress Relief & Weight Control is a dietary supplement system that is marketed as a way to reduce stress and shed unwanted pounds. This dietary supplement is suppose to help the user to feel more calm and relaxed as they continue the daily routine. The system is suppose to help the user deal with stress in a more productive manner. This is thought to reduce stress and alleviate stress related weight gain.

List Of Ingredients

ReloraMAX Stress Relief & Weight Control contains a proprietary blend of Magnolia Bark Extract and Phellodendron Amurense Bark Extract. Each of the ReloraMAX capsules contain 300 mg.

Product Features

ReloraMAX was designed to help people overcome stressful events in life. The stresses are thought to cause people to gain weight in their thighs, bellies, a rears. Some people believe when people are subjected to stresses from work or life, noise pollution or other modern distractions then the body will think the system is under a time of turmoil and will conserve the food it takes in. When the body reacts this way, supposedly, it releases cortisol, a hormone that encourages the body to reduce the rate it burns food for energy and begin to conserve fuel. This is thought to be stored around the body’s midsection. Additionally some people eat to relieve stress and this only compounds the problem of adding extra weight. Some people believe stress hormones can interfere with the way the body uses insulin. When insulin is used inefficiently, blood sugar levels remain low and people have cravings for sugar and refined carbs. ReloraMAX was developed to help people relax and deal with stress more efficiently. There have been clinical studies to support some of the claims about eating in relation to stress. The company states ReloraMAX was used in a clinical study and had better results than the control group taking placebo. It is unknown if the study was by a third party or if it was conducted by ReloraMAX .

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  • ReloraMAX contains only all natural ingredients.
  • ReloraMAX is suppose to help improve energy levels.
  • ReloraMAX has ingredients that might help lower cholesterol and stabilize sugar levels.


  • ReloraMAX doesn’t say if their clinical study was done in house or third party.


The maker of ReloraMAX Stress Relief & Weight Control states that stress can also affect the serotonin production, which can lead a person to binge on comfort foods. When binging is coupled with a decrease in thyroid activity, the person will gain weight. ReloraMAX was developed to help control irritability, emotional swings, restlessness, tension, lack of sleep, and mental sluggishness. People who consider using ReloraMAX as a weight loss aid may wish to speak to a medical doctor before beginning the regimen.

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