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What You Should Know

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Renew Life Rapid Cleanse system is called Total Body Rapid Cleanse. This supplement is a seven day colon cleanse and organ detox supplement. Renew Life Rapid Cleanse is marketed as being fast acting and an effective way to start a diet program. Renew Life Rapid Cleanse has a three part formula that is suppose to detoxify the liver in addition to cleansing the colon. The first part of the cleanse is supposedly designed to be the liver detox, the second part contains fiber that is thought to cleanse the colon and part three is included apparently to help hydrate the bowel and support the elimination process.

List Of Ingredients

According to the Renew Life Rapid Cleanse information that they provide on the product’s website, Rapid Cleanse contains a merger of amino acids and herbal extracts. The products contain Vitamin C, acacia fiber, magnesium, aloe, rhubarb, triphala, marshmallow and slippery elm.

Product Features

Renew Life Rapid Cleanse does have recommendations posted on what additional Renew Life products might be beneficial to take while on the cleanse. The company recommends using other products in conjunction with the cleanse such as: an oil supplement to help lubricate the bowel. Part One of the Rapid Cleanse formula contains Vitamin C for as a way to attempt to help support the immune system, Part Two contains acacia fiber. This is soluble fiber that is often thought to dissolve when mixed with water and Part Three contains magnesium to help ensure hydration of the bowel, aloe and rhubarb. This is used to promote bowel contractions and the herbs triphala, marshmallow and slippery elm for used based on the belief they have soothing properties.

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  • Renew Life Rapid Cleanse contains all natural ingredients.
  • Renew Life Rapid Cleanse is suppose to help detoxify the liver.
  • Renew Life Rapid Cleanse comes from a company with complementary products available..


  • Renew Life Rapid Cleanse is not designed specifically for weight loss.
  • There is no evidence that Renew Life Rapid Cleanse will result in greater long term weight loss.
  • Renew Life Rapid Cleanse is a multi step process that could get confusing.


Total Body Rapid Cleanse by Renew Life is a natural supplement that consist of a three-part formula. The formula is designed to promote colon cleansing and liver detoxification. There is no scientific evidence that supports the need for colon cleansing or liver detoxification although many people utilize these before beginning a weight loss regimen. Renew Life Rapid Cleanse is one of a growing number of cleansing products available on the market.

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    Harold Dickie

    I suddenly received two bottles of this product and my Visa was charged $64.95USD although I had not ordered or requested any of this. HOW CAN i GET A REFUND??Short of going to the BBB? Hal in Nova Scotia