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Renew Life is the maker of Fiber Smart which is a fiber based dietary supplement. Fiber Smart is suppose to contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber is found naturally in fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains. Fiber is commonly known to be a component of these foods that are difficult to digest. The body is thought to need fiber as an aid to help the body properly digest the eliminate waste. Fiber Smart is not marketed directly as a weight loss aid although many dieters use fiber as a way to feel full and satisfied between meals and attempt to decrease snacking.

List Of Ingredients

Renew Life’s Fiber Smart appears to contain a large amount of the fiber derived from Flax Seed. Flax Seed is considered to be an insoluble fiber source. Also contained in Fiber Smart is Borage Seed. Renew Life’s Fiber Smart also contains a probiotic in the form of L. Acidophilus. Other ingredients found in the product are: Fructooligosaccharides, Slippery Elm Bark, Stevia, Marshmallow Root and Triphala.

Product Features

Renew Life’s Fiber Smart offers several different ingredients and two forms of fiber. The product is marketed as a dietary supplement to help people achieve their recommended daily intake of fiber. It is unclear if this alone will help with that process. However, many dieters use the supplement to try to help control their weight or give a boost their the weight loss routine. There is no scientific evidence to support the process of cleansing as a long term answer to weight loss.

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  • Renew Life’s Fiber Smart has several sources of fiber.
  • Renew Life’s Fiber Smart is easy to take.
  • Renew Life’s Fiber Smart is readily found on the market.


  • Renew Life’s Fiber Smart is not designed specifically for weight loss.
  • There is no evidence that using Fiber Smart will result in greater long term weight loss.


Renew Life’s Fiber Smart appears to be an adequate source of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber. Many people believe the intake of fiber will aid in weight loss or help in a weight management plan, however there is no evidence that suggest this is helpful for long term weight loss. the product is not manufactured or marketed as a weight loss supplement but many people attempt to use it as a way to cleanse the system naturally and boost their program. Other dieters use the Renew Life’s Fiber Smart as a way to help stop between meal snacking by making their stomachs feel full.

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  • 1
    Carolyn wertman

    How long for DigestMORE to work?


  • 2

    Hi does FibreSmart contain ANY grain at all? I need to insure that it has no grains at all.. especially wheat. Thanks


  • 3
    Lyn Lacoursiere

    I have a pacemaker, does the braclet contain anything harmful for me?