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Researched Products is a company that produces a line of nutritional supplements. The products manufactured by Researched Products are supposed to be backed by scientific clinical research concerning the supplements effectiveness. Researched Products has stated that the company began based on the founders perceived need for well researched and carefully developed supplements to be available on the market. The company says they are concerned about all the products on the market making it easier for consumers to get scammed by supplement hype. Researched Products claims to have science to back up all of their product claims and promises.

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Researched Products markets their nutritional supplements as well researched products. The company suggests their products will do what they claim and that the researched evidence will support these promises. The product line is attractive to people who want to feel as if their supplements have been scientifically found to be effective. The company claims to use only “the finest ingredients” for each product line. Researched Products further claims that each individual ingredient is is well researched. Some of the products that are currently offered by Researched products are: Health Enhancement Formulas – Researched Products Cardio Guard, Researched Products Omega 3 Chia, Researched Products Immune Guard, Researched Products Omega 3 Chia 1 Pound, and Researched Products Omega 3 Chia Oil.

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  • Researched Products says they only offer products that have been researched.
  • Researched Products state the company uses only ingredients that have been thoroughly researched on their own merits.
  • Researched Products has a well rounded product line that may be beneficial to health.


  • It is unclear if Researched Products has outside studies to support their claims.
  • The research methods and quality of methods used by Researched Products is unknown.


Researched Products appears to place an emphasis on research and clinical studies. The company offers consumers a chance to purchase items directly from their website. Consumers with allergies can view the product ingredient list to determine if the product is right for them. The United States Food and Drug Administration does not oversee the statements made by Researched Products or any other manufacturer of supplements because this is outside their scope of duties. It is unclear if any of the research that Researched Products manufactures is verified by any outside third party studies or independent scientific research. Anyone who wishes to begin using a dietary supplement may benefit from discussing the product with their doctor, pharmacist or other health care professional.

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