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The Reset Diet is something that pops up every once in a while in a new, exciting diet plan or supplement program. The term reset is often used to pertain to hormones, metabolism and other genres associated with weight loss. Some popular diets that claim to reset the body include the Metabolic Reset Diet, Leptin Reset Diet, Menopause Reset Diet and the Usana Reset Diet.

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  • Reset diets for weight loss and improved health.

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Reset diets are aimed at dieters who have tried everything and still feel like they are losing the weight loss battle. There is rarely clinical research supporting these diets and often the weight loss associated with the plans is measured in the first few weeks. This provides an inflated, unreal estimate of weight loss success on the program because the dieter typically loses water weight during the first week or two.

Metabolic Reset Diet – The metabolism cannot be reset with a diet or supplement. Exercise forces the metabolism to move faster, so if there were a reset button for your metabolism it would be pressed by exercising more.

Leptin Reset Diet – This is just another name for a low-carbohydrate diet plan. Leptin aids in weight loss. Some associate high carbohydrate diets with leptin insensitivity. Eating a diet rich in natural protein and high in fat will increase leptin sensitivity, according to supporters.

Menopause Reset Diet – The Menopause Reset Diet was made famous by Dr. Mickey Harpaz. His book on the subject of resetting your body in three simple steps and losing that menopause weight has not received the best reviews. Basically the diet consists of exercise and healthy food choices for women in menopause.

Usana Reset Diet – Pack 5 days of healthy protein, vitamins and supplements into a box and sell it for $99. That’s what the Usana Reset Kit offers dieters. The program is designed to reset your body into fat burning mode, but it takes more than 5 days and some protein to reset metabolism.

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  • Free information is available online for most reset diets.
  • Some promote healthy means of weight loss.
  • Supplements are often used to support overall health and weight loss.


  • None of the reset diets are proven to have long-term weight loss effects for a broad range of people.
  • Most consist of a short, 5 to 10 day period of changes.


Reset diets are nothing more than weight loss plans promoted as diets that reset metabolism, hormones and leptin sensitivity. Before starting any reset diet take a look at the reviews and customer testimonials and ask – how long did the dieter follow the plan before reporting success?

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