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Reset is a diet plan that is used to prepare dieters for the GI diet, a diet which instructs users to eat food according to the Glycemic Index. Reset’s plan involves eating one small low glycemic meal a day combined with meal replacement shakes and bars, which supposedly suppresses appetite, preventing dieters from eating more food. It also boasts all of its meal replacement products have a low GI; something they say is unique to their product. For those interested in doing the GI Diet, this may be option to consider.

It is considered ideal to introduce you to a diet slowly, and Reset does claim to offer that alternative. Introducing yourself to this diet by using the Reset program is popular among dieters, but not all are reporting weight loss and the meal plan itself may be lacking in calories.


Reset products consist of flavored meal replacement shakes and bars, which they say are low-glycemic and low in sugar and fat. The shakes are said to contain less than 150 calories per serving.

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Reset is a five day program for dieters who want to try to the GI Diet. Reset claims to prep dieters for the transition, making resisting urges easier once the diet is completed, such as reducing cravings for favorite snacks. The meal replacement products claim to suppress appetite while permanently reducing those cravings. Unfortunately, no ingredient lists (or a hint of what ingredients are used) could be located, so it is hard to say if these ingredients will have a positive impact on dieters. However, many meal replacements products are notorious for containing synthetic ingredients and for containing ingredients which do not perform the way they are claimed to do. Reset does have a customer hotline to answer important questions regarding these concerns, however.

It is debated that the meal plan, which requires dieters to eat one low-glycemic food per day along with a variety of meal replacement products, may be too low in calories, which may be the cause of the initial weight loss. Low calorie diets may pose a risk to dieters with pre-existing heart conditions, and dieters are advised to speak with a doctor before beginning any diet program.

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  • Offers a variety of meal replacement options for dieters.
  • The shakes are very low calorie, about 150 calories per serving.


  • Dieters must purchase Reset’s products for the five day dieting period.
  • They do not provide any evidence about how it causes appetite suppression.
  • Some worry the weight loss is derived from the low caloric intake, not the meal replacement bars.


Reset may be ideal for those who want to ease their way into the GI Diet, but this diet may be too low in calories for some consumers. Purchasing the meal replacement products may also be another issue, and dieters must be prepared before implementing this diet into their lifestyle. It is still a safer alternative compared to other low calorie diets, however, and no fasting is needed to complete the diet.

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  • 1

    How long can you go on the Reset diet?

    Is it only limited to one week



    Included with the Reset program is a CD that does explain how it causes appetite suppression. Also, you can get an ingredient list on the product and also at the Usana website.

    You start out on the five day program and then taper. The CD explains how it works. And it worked for me.


  • 2

    how many times a day should i use the reset shake i would like to loose about 60 pounds