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RestAid is a dietary supplement that is suppose to help with sleeping. The ingredients in RestAid are non-prescription and are claimed to be all natural. RestAid claims to be clinically proven to work within 15-30 minutes taking the supplements. The dietary supplement claims to provide long term health benefits as well without negative side effects.

List Of Ingredients

According to RestAid the products key ingredients are: Patented Cysteine Milk Peptide and Melatonin. RestAid also contains other ingredients.

Product Features

RestAid is supposed to work through two key ingredients. The Patented Cysteine Milk Peptide is a natural ingredient used in the product for sleeping. The company claims it does not cause a downer effect. Cysteine Milk Peptide and they claim it has been clinically proven to boost Glutathione levels which are thought to induce a natural sleep. RestAid also contains a form of Melatonin that is generally believed to help synchronize the body’s sleep & wake cycles. Other ingredients used in RestAid are said to be ingredients that help assimilate the main ingredients into the blood stream quickly.

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  • RestAid contains a only two main ingredients, Cysteine Milk Peptide and Melatonin.
  • The ingredients in RestAid are suppose to be safe and effective.
  • RestAid provides customer testimonials to help people make a decision about the product.
  • RestAid is suppose to be fast acting.
  • The company offers customers a 60-day Money Back Guarantee for anyone who may not be happy with the results or feel RestAid is not for them.
  • RestAid appears to make customer service a priority and offers direct support through their website.


  • RestAid dietary Supplement is currently only available on the official RestAid website and not sold in retrail stores.
  • It is unclear if RestAid’s clinical research was conducted by the company or if it is unbiased third party scientific research.
  • It is not known if the RestAid research results can be applied to the general population.


RestAid claims to be clinically proven to aid in sleep. The two active ingredients in the formula are thought to aid in sleep but their is not sufficient scientific evidence to make a conclusive judgment. RestAid claims to be manufactured under approved Good Manufacturing Practices. RestAid does offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee for anyone who does not like the product once they have tried it. Anyone seeking to try RestAid may want to consult a medical doctor before beginning the product. People with sleep disorders should discuss the addition of a sleep aid and the possible negative effects with their doctor before trying it.

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    I have been on Restaid for 5 years and when I have surgery and go to the hospital I take it with me. I do not accept any sleeping pills from the hospital and my Doctors O.K. for me to take my restaid. I highly recommend rest aid to REST during your hours of sleep. Thank you.