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RestorAge is a natural supplement that was created to enhance memory and cognitive abilities. The manufacturer claims RestorAge will also be able to address a many of aging related issues. RestorAge claims to be able to help augment sexuality and promote weight loss as well as the development of lean muscle mass. These claims have not been substantiated by any research that can be located on the product.

List Of Ingredients

RestorAge contains several nutrients and elements. The main ingredients that are probably key to the RestorAge formula and claim to memory enhancing are DMAE Bitartrate and Resveratrol.

Product Features

It is generally believed that the ingredients in RestorAge might have some ability to aid brain health, however there is no research available with consistent results. DMAE has been utilized a great deal to augment the production of a neurotransmitter known as acetylcholine, which are through to play a role in cognitive health. The results in clinical studies for DMAE have been inconsistent with varying degrees of positive results. In some cases it and the placebo have had the same effect. Resveratrol is another key ingredient in RestorAge. This supplement is thought to have anti aging abilities due to the extract developed from grape skin. Many people believe the antioxidants found in grape skin and red wine have anti aging properties. Recent studies have suggested resveratrol may have some neuro protective properties, but these studies are still in early stages and are not conclusive.

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  • RestorAge contains a lot of vitamins and mineral.
  • Resveratrol may have some neuro protective abilities.


  • RestorAge does not provide the clinical research data on its specific formula.
  • RestorAge makes several claims that cover a broad spectrum and may sound too good to be true.


RestorAge is a dietary supplement that makes a myriad of claims without supporting the promises with clinical or scietific research results. Some of the elements used in RestorAge have been found to have minimal results in some studies but these results are inconclusive because they are not always replicated. The product contains ingredients generally accepted as safe for consumptions. It is unknown how effective they will be at providing the results claimed by RestorAge. The supplement contains many nutrients but makes broad claims that may make it sound too good to be effective at any of the claims. There does not appear to be a money back guarantee on the product that would make it easy to return. Anyone considering using RestorAge may wish to consult a medical doctor or other health care provider before beginning the supplement.

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