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ResV Splash is a weight loss product delivered in the form of drops you add to your food. There are many different diet gimmick products, everything from patches to creams, to drops or powders placed on the tongue or added to the food. Generally speaking, most of these products, and even a good bit of your diet pills do not actually work to provide the results they promise. If the idea of drops sounds like a good and easy way for you to lose weight, you may be interested in reading the rest of this review before making your purchase.

List of Ingredients

ResV Splash does not provide an official list of ingredients for their product, but there is mention of green tea and trans-resveratrol.

Product Features

ResV Splash claims to be able to help you lose weight by helping to control your blood sugar levels and provide an energy boost. The drops are designed to be mixed in with your favorite foods or drinks, but you will need to see the product label for specific mixing and dosing instructions. Though the product claims to be able to assist with weight management, there are no guidelines for diet and exercise to be followed with this product to provide results. The product claims to be more effective than reversatol pills, but there is no proof to support these claims. While green tea has been clinically proven to boost the metabolism and provide energy, there is no way to tell if the drops you are using will provide a clinically proven dose.

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  • ResV Splash contains reversatol which is thought to help with heart health and reducing blood sugar levels.


  • ResV Splash advertises a 30 day free trial, when in fact they charge your credit card after 10 days if you do not cancel.
  • Free trial requires enrollment in an automatic shipment program.
  • The company does not do a good job of describing exactly what the product is supposed to do.
  • There is no real guarantee that this product will do anything to help you.
  • Typically, products that do not list their full ingredient list have something to hide.


ResV Splash has several reasons to proceed with caution if you choose to use it. Without the full list of ingredients, we cannot speculate as to whether or not it would be an effective choice for appetite suppression or fat burning. The liquid delivery method may or may not be an effective delivery method of what ingredients are in the formula. We tend to avoid suggesting products that use shady business practices, such as calling their 10 day free trial a 30 day free trial. Instead of this product, we recommend that you use a clinically proven product backed by a guarantee along with diet and regular exercise.

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