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ResVer XP is a dietary supplement that claims to help people lose weight and increase their chances to ward off age related illnesses. The formula is based on the diet of the French who tend to eat higher levels of fat than Americans yet have fewer incidences of heart related diseases. ResVer XP belies the antioxidants contained in the red wine many French people consumer may be the reason for this. ResVer XP has included the antioxidant in their supplement and make claims that the user will have good health and vitality.

List Of Ingredients

Each capsule of ResVer XP contains 100 mg of resveratrol obtained from Japanese Knotwood, 50 mg of Green Tea Extract, 25 mg of Red Wine Extract, 25 mg of Pomegranate Extract and 25 mg of Acai Extract.

Product Features

This dietary supplement is based on the discovery of resveratrol in grapes and red wine drank by most French people daily. There is evidence to support resveratrol as a key antioxidant but the research is not conclusive. Raspberries and Japanese knotwood also contain the resveratrol compound. Other plants that include resevratrol are cranberries and peanuts. Research of this antioxidant continues and will likely continue for some time as no conclusive evidence has been discovered. There have been animal research studies conducted that suggested animals provided the supplement resveratrol had a desire to exercise more and be more active at about double those that did was not provided the supplement. The studies also suggest that the resveratrol mice were able make better use of their consumed foods. In other words, their fat burning ability appeared to function at a higher rate than the controlled mice. ResVer XP is believed to contain other ingredients is to supposedly improve the efficacy of the antioxidant as well as improve the weight loss routine through increased blood flow and metabolism.

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  • ResVer XP is formulated to help prevent age related illnesses.
  • ResVer XP contains several antioxidants.
  • ResVer XP has many all natural ingredients that claim to be beneficial.


  • ResVer XP claims have not been conclusively verified.
  • ResVer XP supplements have several ingredients and it is not known how these antioxidants work together.


ResVer XP contains several all ingredients which are that are supposed to increase the users fat burning capabilities while at the same time reducing appetite. ResVer XP also includes popular ingredients that are suppose to aid in weight reduction and cardiovascular health although the research studies are not completed and are not conclusive as to the actual benefits of the antioxidants in pure form and no studies have been conducted on the formulas contained in supplements. People who consider taking ResVer XP may wish to consult their health care provider before beginning the regimen.

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