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Retro Fitness is a gym that offers new, advanced fitness equipment at a price that could be considered retro. Currently the major of the Retro Fitness gyms are located in the upper northeast United States. There are a few in Georgia and Florida. Personal training and a Retro Juice Bar are also available at most locations. The focus at Retro Fitness is about more than just working out in the gym with the dotFit program.

List of Ingredients

Gym membership and dotFit workouts.

Product Features

Retro Fitness uses dotFit to help gym members keep track of their workouts and personal performance. From the official website for the gym, members can log in and see how many calories they burned, how long they worked out and their progress. In addition to the dotFit program, there is a supplement screener to help dieters lose more weight with the addition to healthy supplements. We tried the supplement screener and chose the option for weight loss. The only supplements returned were calcium, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids and a mental clarity supplement. We are not sure any of these are ideal for weight loss, but then again the tracker did not ask current or goal weight either.

Members can choose to join the local gym online, so we decided to check out the $19.99 a month offer. When we attempted to join the gym, the total payment at the initiation of the gym membership was $50.98, more than the $19.99 claimed. A processing fee of $29.99 was added and the fine print read that another $29.99 could be added for a rate guarantee at some time in the future. The $19.99 a month price did not start until the second month. The gym member is also required to sign a contract with Retro Fitness to receive that price.

Gym memberships tend to be very difficult to get out of and the dieter needs more than a place to work out in order to lose weight. There is also the added cost for personal training and nutritional counseling that some gyms tack onto the gym membership price if the dieter wants to lose more weight.

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  • Gym workouts may increase weight loss if the dieter is dedicated.


  • The total cost of the gym membership is more than the listed $19.99.
  • Personal training may cost extra.
  • Nutritional services, if available, may cost extra.
  • There is no mention of the total cost of the dotFit equipment the gym uses.


Retro Fitness offers a brightly colored, well stocked gym perfect for people who love to workout. The bulk of equipment packed into a large space could be more than the average dieter is looking for when starting a weight loss program. There is also the potential added cost for dotFit which the gym suggests for exercise and workout tracking.

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    Can I use any retro once I join?