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The RevAbs Nutrition Guide comes included in the RevAbs 90 Day fitness program developed by Brett Hoebel. The guide contains 65 pages of what it claims to be healthy meals and snacks. The recipes for each meal is included and they are supposed to help the dieter achieve flat and firm abs. RevAbs claims the nutritional guide will provide energy to help you through the RevAb workout. The guide will help you to eat healthy and follow a nutritious plan when just beginning a fitness routine. The RevAbs nutritional plan is designed to be part of an overall fitness program. The guide states that proper nutrition is essential to being able to make it through the rigorous and intense workout. The guide is laid out in a way that helps you through the 90 day workout routine. The guide tells you to eat 5 times a day. Three meals and two snacks are built into the program. The guide also helps you to adjust your calories according to your own fitness goals and health needs. There are two plans included in the guide.

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Product Features

There is a 14 day RevAbs plan. People who need to lose weight will use the 14 day plan. This plan is intense and the test group conducted by Hoebel lost more pounds and inches than it was originally expected they would. This plan will jump start you to a successful fitness program.

The RevevAbs 90 day plan can be used if you do not need to lose a lot of weight. Under the 90 day system, you can increase your own metabolism and have a wider variety of foods from the RevAbs menus and recipes. The foods will involve fresh vegetables, fruits, protein, healthy fats, and good carbs.

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  • The plan is intense but easy to follow.
  • Everything you need is in the package.
  • There are instructional DVDs included in the package.
  • Healthy menus.


  • Intense workout may be hard to begin for people not use to working out.


The RevAbs recipes are easy to prepare by following their instructions. They come listed with nutritional information at each one. The recipes are supposed to be tasty to make it easier to stick to the plan. There is a generous list of snacks and the meals can be customized to fit your needs. The RevAbs Nutrional guide is the perfect compliment to the overall RevAbs workout package. It takes the reader step by step to creating the nutrition needed to keep muscles healthy so they will build and trim the body.

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