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Jessica Simpson began the Revenge Diet when she was dumped by a boyfriend because she had a somewhat fuller figure. She had put on a few pounds, and she became obsessed with losing it within 8 weeks and gaining back her stunning figure. Jessica Simpson’s Revenge Diet started after this difficult break up and an embarrassing on stage performance. This diet is known for taking extremes and many people are unwilling to go to these extremes to eliminate their extra weight. Like many other diets meant for steady weight loss, this diet should not be used for people that are obese or planning on losing a lot of weight. This diet is great for people that need to lose weight at a healthy pace.

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This Revenge diet began with Jessica throwing away many of the fatty foods in her kitchen. This extreme step is necessary for people that want to lose weight, but it is a lot for many people, and some people are unwilling to do this. She also began exercising more regularly. This diet has proven to be great for many people, but there are still many people that are unwilling to totally cut out fatty foods. This diet is also not enough for people that need to lose a large amount of weight. Some people find this Revenge Diet extremely helpful, but many think that a well balanced meal with a few indulgences and regular exercise can also lead to the same weight loss.

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  • The weight loss from this diet is steady and consistent.
  • The revenge diet is a healthy weight loss plan and it is safe and easy to follow.


  • This diet is not meant for large amounts of weight loss. .
  • Many people believe that this diet is too much of a sacrifice for them.
  • Some people also think that there are many better alternatives to the Revenge diet.


The Revenge diet is a good solution for some people that are looking to lose a small amount of weight by working hard and eating right, but for other people that are looking for dramatic weight loss, this diet is not enough. The Revenge Diet is a good diet, but there are many better alternatives. Many people are unwilling to totally cut out unhealthy foods and they agree that it is fine to indulge every once in a while as long as they indulge in moderation and exercise on a regular basis. The Revenge diet is safe and easy to follow, but many people believe that there are many better alternatives that are easier to follow and not as difficult to follow.

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