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Reverse Aging is a book by engineer, scientist and inventor Sang Whang. According to Whang, the aging process in the body is primarily the result of acidic waste accumulating throughout the body. The book primarily describes the most effective method of removing this acidic waste from the body to virtually reverse the aging process. Whang states that this process is more effective than diet and exercise at reversing the aging process and bringing the body to a greater state of health. We are skeptical of any approach to improved health that disregards diet and exercise, but we will take a closer look at Reverse Aging to see if the information inside is worth the time spent reading it.

Reverse Aging does not appear to promote weight loss in any way, although a healthier lifestyle may help to contribute to dropped pounds. Some of the methods described in Reverse Aging, such as water ionizers has been used throughout Japan for more than 40 years. It should be noted that Reverse Aging first came out in 1991 and the latest edition was updated in 1998. This decade has seen a great deal of progress in the field of health and anti-aging, so we are concerned that some of the information provided in this book may be out of date at the time of this review.

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The book is available through some online retailers, although we were unable to find a website for the book or author specifically. The cost of the book at the time of this review was $11.95 on some websites. Consumers can also find used copies of Reverse Aging on a number of websites for a greatly discounted price.

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  • Reverse Aging may provide some healthy methods for turning back the body’s clock.
  • Anti-aging methods are a popular topic today.
  • The book can be found used for a greatly reduced price.


  • Reverse Aging does not appear to address weight loss specifically.
  • The book claims to replace diet and exercise as a means to better health.
  • The book is now a decade old and some of the information may be outdated.
  • The author does not appear to have experience in the fields of health, nutrition or fitness.


There are many good reads on the subject of weight loss today, but Reverse Aging does not appear to fit into this category. While the book may provide some interesting information and ideas about how to turn back the body’s clock, it seems to lack substance in the areas of health and weight loss. Dropping excess pounds may be one of the most effective ways of reducing your risk of some diseases and enjoying a higher quality of life. Reverse Aging doesn’t appear to provide much help in this area, however.

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