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There are few women who when they reach their forties do not dream of a solution for cellulite. Certainly there are hundreds of cellulite and fat reducing products and supplements to choose from. RevitaShape is another one of these products which promises to reduce your cellulite. There is an official website for RevitaShape and it can be order directly via the official website or by telephone. Revitalight is sold in the form of a cream which is rubbed into the body in areas where there is cellulite.


The ingredients in RevitaShape include Caffeine, Glaucine, L-Carnitine, Vitamin C, Bladderwrack Extract, Vitamin E, and Coenzyme A.

Product Features

RevitaShape can be purchased at a price of $69.95. There is a promotional offer on the website and if you purchase three tubes of RevitaShape at the same time you will receive one bottle free. There is also a sixty day full money back guarantee upon purchase of RevitaShape. Caffeine which is present in RevitaShape is a very popular ingredient in products sold on the market which claim to be able to reduce cellulite as it is said to drain fluids. Glaucine which is derived from the horned poppy flower is said to stimulate the breakdown of fat and is also a popular ingredient in products designed to eliminate cellulite. The manufacturers of RevitaShape do not provide any evidence to show us that this product is superior to other products on the market which are designed to eliminate cellulite and contain similar ingredients.

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  • There is an official website for RevitaShape.
  • There is a full and comprehensive list of ingredients for RevitaShape.
  • There is a sixty day money back guarantee upon purchase of RevitaShape.


  • There are hundreds of products available for sale on the market today which claim to be able to reduce cellulite.
  • The ingredients which are present in RetivaShape can be found in a whole host of other products on the market which are designed to get rid of cellulite.
  • There is no evidence that RevitaShape is more effective than other similar products available for sale.
  • Some experts believe that no product is capable of reducing cellulite by more than fifty percent.


Cellulite is notoriously difficult to get rid of. However the manufacturers of RevitaShape do a number of things correctly. There is an official website which contains full product details including comprehensive ingredient details. There is also a full money back sixty day guarantee upon purchase of Revitalight. At the end of the day the ingredients which are present in RevitaShape can be found in a number of other cellulite reducing products for sale on the market. We cannot recommend RevitaShape over and above other similar products available for sale.

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10 User Reviews about RevitaShape

  • 1

    Thanks for the feedback. Needless, to say I wont be buying revitashape at all. A warning I always follow after a botched boob job I had; never buy anything before you get enough information about a product. The best way to find out whether something is worth your money, is through consumers reviews! Thanks so much all of you who posted your reviews.


  • 2

    Be careful in ordering the so called sample for just the shipping price because they billed me 69.96 after two weeks and said it was a 30 day supply sent to me and this product is not worth 69.96 a month I called to get a refund and the negative feed back want ever order from this company again not consumer friendly. tkp


  • 3

    Don’t buy this product, they lie about the cancellation terms & you must mail back the product, not just call to cancel


  • 4

    You can never tell if it works or not because they only give you 15 days, besides they charged me 15 days before I ever had any chance to cancel. I sent the product back as they told me so my money would be refund it and I am still waiting.


  • 5

    Watch out girls the product stinks and you will never find out if it works because they only give you 15 days to try it. When I called to find out why so short a time the sales rep told me its to find out if you react to it not how well it works It takes a lot longer to know if it really works. This automatic billing they will claim you signed off; doesn’t seem to exist. I have been looking for it for a few days and still can’t find it. Must be magic! No statements , no acknowledgements of shipping, no records of anything. Be ware girls and stay away!!!!!!!!


  • 6

    RevitaShape is horrible. They take your card information, and charge your bank account randomly for the product when you never bought it. I got a sample for $2. They charged me the $2 and I was happy. Then, a month later, I looked into my account and found they just charged me $70 for nothing. And they’re even worse at responding back to people. Don’t risk this product at all. These people seem to be scam artists.



    The revitashape ad said it was a free no risk trial, that I only had to pay shipping, $2.95, so long as I cancelled in 15 days. When I tried to cancel they said I had to send back the tube and pay the shipping or they would bill me. They said that was on their website, but I saw it nowhere.


  • 7
    A van Vuuren

    I have ordered Revitashape in Dec 2009, they responded immediately to my order to obtain my credit card details, it’s now 4 months later, and I still did not receive the goods, and do not get any response from them – I just wish to warn people about this people!!!



    thank you! i was looking to see if this was a safe place for my card



    They lie and steal from your account BEWARE!!!