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Revival, otherwise known as The Revival Slim and Beautiful Diet, is a book co-authored by Aaron and Suzanne Tabor, a son and mother team that also has a line of soy-exclusive products called Revival Soy which are also promoted throughout their book. Their book is based on one philosophy: use soy to lose weight. Along with humorous anecdotes contributed by his mother, this book is mainly authored by Aaron Tabor, who also offers other advice that supposedly help promote weight loss such as eating smaller portions and eating a sensible diet. He often makes reference to his soy-fortified products, which he says allows dieters to lose weight simply by harnessing the power of soy.

The book itself, which basically serves as an aid on how to eat, is currently sold online for $24.99, and his products are sold at his official store for a moderate price. Individuals who wish to use his program are heavily advised to purchase his products since most of his diet plans incorporate those products. The expense is continuous as long as the dieter chooses to stick with the diet regimen and Tabor comments that long term results may take a while. Most participants state a weight loss at around 15lbs over 3 months.

Tabor’s dependence of soy — and some disparaging remarks left by unhappy customers — is a cause for concern, and his diet book may be nothing more than a infomercial for his Revival Soy products.


Tabor prescribes dieters a meal plan which mainly features his soy-fortified products.

Product Features

Tabor offers a very simple but strict premise: eat all of the food he prescribes on the Revival diet to slowly lose weight. Most of the food includes soy-fortified products and snacks which he claims stimulates weight loss while making dieters feel full all day long. His mother also offers humorous stories about weight loss which may entertain dieters.

Unfortunately for dieters on a budget, he only recommends using his own products, Revival Soy. Since its only availability is online, purchasing the products is difficult and will cost a substantial amount of money. There is also little evidence that soy may provide dietary benefits and many physicians are not recommending its use because it may worsen the risk of certain conditions and allergies. Tabor does not make any soy-free products, so it is impossible to obtain soy-free alternatives. As a whole, Revival depends heavily on products that are hard to obtain and may leave dieters looking for a more easily accessible diet.

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  • Testimonials say the Revival diet did work, provided you follow his plan exactly.
  • Most of the products are reported to be palatable.


  • Completing the diet requires monthly purchase of his products, Revival Soy.
  • According to testimonials is a very simple low-caloric diet that does not contain groundbreaking advice, despite his claims.
  • Focuses too heavily on soy.


Revival puts its main focuses on the power of soy, but current studies do not show the benefits claimed by Tabor. While choosing a diet with small portions may help aid in weight loss, the cost and difficulty of obtaining his dietary ingredients may be difficult for consumers.

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