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As most men and women already know, there are countless approaches to weight loss. The reality is different methods work more effectively for different individuals. So the key is to discover what works best for you. One approach is daily exercise. This is exactly what Revolution Fitness focuses on. Just to be clear, Revolution Fitness is a gym/fitness club location in southern California. This workout venue offers several different classes to aid women and men with getting into better shape. A list of their rates are posted on the primary website for viewing, which is convenient for dieters.

First and foremost, it is imperative to realize that Revolution Fitness is located in Santa Monica, which means it is really only useful to locals in that area. Regardless, this fitness center encourages several fitness classes, with an emphasis on Spin Class sessions. Those who attend Revolution Fitness classes will need tennis shoes, a water bottle, and towel. While a single class will cost you $16, a series of 20 classes is $260. In regards to spinning, this is essentially an aerobic exercise on a stationary bike. However, you are guided by an instructor, which makes it more challenging. Ideally this can assist dieters with burning up to 500 calories during a 45-minute session.

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Revolution Fitness is a business located in Santa Monica, California that offers several approaches to fitness and weight reduction. The primary focus of this gym/fitness atmosphere is to assist men and women with getting in shape. Offered at Revolution Fitness are classes in Spinning, Pilates, Strength Training, Indo-Row, Core Barre, Pilates, TXR Plus, Nutritional Counseling, Yin Yoga, Foam Roller Stretch, and Post-Spin Stretch. Overall, these exercise routines endeavor to help people get into better shape, stretch out their muscles, and maintain a healthier way of life. There do not appear to be any dietary supplements involved with Revolution Fitness.

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  • Revolution Fitness incorporates regular exercise, which is good for weight loss.
  • There are testimonials presented on the official website.
  • A helpful FAQ section is provided on the website.


  • There are no convenient weight loss supplements involved with the Revolution Fitness method.
  • The location for this fitness program is in Santa Monica, California, which will not be idea for many dieters.
  • This method calls for a more drastic change in lifestyle than pill supplements do.
  • The cost of Revolution Fitness classes are pretty expensive ($250 per month).


Fitness classes like those offered by Revolution Fitness can definitely aid men and women with fat reduction. However, the downside is the single location of Revolution Fitness, which makes it inaccessible to many dieters. Furthermore, the cost of these classes may get a little high as time passes. It is a good idea to take a closer look at some more convenient options, such as dietary supplements.

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