Revolution Labs Thermogenic Push Female Review

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Revolution Labs Thermogenic Push Female

What You Should Know

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Revolution Labs Thermogenic Push Female is an all-natural dietary supplement that uses herbs and amino acids to increase calorie metabolism, energy and decrease appetite. Produced by Corr-Jensen Labs, they claim this supplement produces the strongest thermogenic push available for women. Corr-Jensen promises “sudden, complete, or marked change” as a result of using their products. They suggest greater results when used with their companion product Revolution Labs Abdominal Cuts.

Revolution Labs Thermogenic Push Female costs around $45 to $70 for 100 soft gels if you purchase it from an online vendor.

List of Ingredients

The Proprietary Blend includes Dandelion Root, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, White Willow, Hoodia, Yohimbe, N-Acetyl-I-Tyrosine, Evodiamine, Cayenne Powder, Vinpocetine, 5HTP.

Other ingredients include Gelatin.

Product Features

Each 408 mg. capsule includes natural herbs and fatty acids that have been clinically proven to work. Green Tea has been clinically proven many times to help with weight loss in women. One capsule is to be taken two times each day with plenty of water. At this schedule, each bottle will last almost two months. Corr-Jensen Labs promise that Revolution Labs Thermogenic Push Female will increase metabolism, give energy, endurance, reduce water retention, promote positive mood, increase body fat reduction, increase intensity during exercise, and suppress appetite.

Two ingredients in Revolution Labs Thermogenic Push Female are not helpful. Hoodia has no proven benefits according to several studies. Yohimbe is usually given to males for enhanced performance, but it has also been associated with stroke, renal failure, heart attach and kidney disease.

In additon, the amount of the “good” fat burning ingredients included in Revolution Labs Thermogenic Push Female are not enough to see the incredible results that are promised.

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  • Product is thermogenic, meaning it uses heat to help you lose weight.
  • The guggulsterones may improve lean muscle and help maintain results.
  • Green tea has been proven to be very helpful with weight loss.


  • This product contains hoodia which has questionable helpfulness, and yohimbe which is meant specifically for males, and has been linked with various diseases.
  • There is no money back guarantee listed.
  • There is no free gift offered with purchase.
  • There are no before and after photos.


While Revolution Labs Thermogenic Push Female has natural ingredients and is stimulant free, at an average of $60 a bottle it seems over priced. It is also questionable whether this supplement has enough of the weight loss ingredients necessary to be effective. In addition, the ingredient of yohimbe that is associated with multiple negative side effects, does not encourage a buyer to purchase this product. Although exclusively natural ingredients is an attractive proposition, a buyer looking for an effective weight loss supplement without potentially dangerous side effects may want to look for another option.

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    Miranda Michaels

    What happens when a girl takes this pill and it does infact include “yohimbe” in the ingredients?? And can you drink alcohol with these pills? Please get back to me asap.