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Maybe you are one of those individuals who have tried countless weight loss products and programs. This is nothing to be ashamed of. The reality is many people go through this routine. It is often part of the weight loss journey. The key is to know what is at your fingertips, and what really works. This article was written to assist you with learning more about the supplement formula, RezXtra. It is pitched online via the official website as a “miracle” product that reduces signs of aging, and encourages weight loss as well.

Although you will not find a list of common weight reduction ingredients pertaining to RezXtra on the main website, you will see that this supplement is claimed to do the following; flush away pounds of fat, slow down the aging process, encourage real weight loss, help you burn off calories, increase antioxidant levels to combat free radicals, heighten energy levels, and boost metabolic rates. The only ingredient mentioned for this diet/beauty product is Reservatrol, which is a nutrient that is commonly found in red wine.

List of Ingredients

The full list of ingredients for RezXtra is not revealed.

Product Features

RezXtra is a dietary supplement geared primarily toward women. Also referred to as Reservatrol (this is the primary ingredient), this formula aims to assist with anti-aging and weight reduction at the same time. It is claimed to be all natural, and made from components typically found in grape pulp and red wine. Basically, RezXtra endeavors to detoxify fat and muscle tissue by removing terrestrial toxins from the user’s body. Since this supplement formula is loaded with antioxidants, it should have a positive effect on the user’s skin (encourages a youthful appearance).

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  • RezXtra is claimed to have over 1,000,000 satisfied customers.
  • There is a free trial of this weight loss supplement available.
  • It is suitable for both women and men.


  • Although there is supposed to be a full satisfaction guarantee with this supplement formula, there is a charge for shipping/handling, as well as a 20 percent restocking fee for returned items.
  • The ingredients incorporated into RezXtra are not disclosed (only one is).
  • The actual cost for this supplement is not revealed on the primary website.
  • The official website comes across like a massive ad with little valuable data on the product itself.


In the end, there is very little solid information provided on RezXtra. While the official website discloses that this supplement detoxifies fat and muscle tissue, it does not really explain how it leads to actual weight loss. Furthermore, a full list of ingredients is absent from the main site, which many dieters will not appreciate. This may raise a few eyebrows and cause some dieters to look elsewhere.

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