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Is there something your body is missing that might be causing you to be overweight? According to R’Garden many overweight people are low on essential enzymes used to digest and metabolize food. The company, located in Kettle Falls, Washington, was founded by Don and Helen Smyth after they began taking a prescription-only line of enzymes designed to aid in the better digestion of food. According to the Smyths their results were extraordinary and they set out to make these enzymes available to the masses. Since then the R’Garden brand has grown from one product into an entire line of enzymes meant to promote weight loss and overall health as well as other supplements and books. Several of R’Garden’s products such as their Lipase Forumla and Maximizer, which sell for $15.00 and $19.00 a bottle respectively, are said to help to break down and digest fats, which aids in weight loss. According to R’Garden the Maximizer contains 17 different plant enzymes that work to pre-digest your food so your body’s enzymes are left free to do their vital work.

R’Garden has had some issues with the FDA dating back to 2005, specifically in regards to the marketing and testimonials used for their Vitamin O product. This supplemental oxygen product is apparently one of the company’s most popular products and is said to help rid the body of toxins and increase energy. R’Garden has responded to some of the FDA’s warnings to the company under the Vitamin O product description on their website.

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List of Ingredients

R’Garden recommends that their Lipase enzyme supplement be taken between meals, two to four times a day. One capsule is reported to contain 85mg of the lipase enzyme from the Aspergillus Niger along with cellulose and rice flour. The Maximizer contains 359 mg of R’Garden’s Proprietary Enzyme Blend, which includes amylase, ceullase, protease, hemi-cellulase, mannanase, acid stable protease, pectinase, alpha-galactosidase, papain, lipase, gluco-amylase, actinidin, bromelain, xylanase, lactase, maltase and invertase. The capsule also contains magnesium stearate and R’Garden recommends it be taken two to four times a day at meal time or between meals to build up enzymes.

Product Features

R’Garden’s enzyme supplements claim to be able to ensure the body is not running low on the essential enzymes needed to digest food and, most importantly, fat. According to R’Garden its products are a healthy and holistic way to promote weight loss and a healthy body.

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  • R’Garden capsules are easy to use and can be ordered directly from the company’s website.
  • According to R’Garden the products are made of natural, holistic ingredients.
  • R’Garden is committed to keeping their supplements affordable and providing education and great customer service to their clients.


  • While R’Garden does cite various medical studies, like those into the effectiveness of enzymes, they do not provide any data to support their claims of their enzymes effectively assisting in weight loss.
  • R-Garden’s claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.


R’Garden claims an interest in holistic healing and health, but there is little data available to back up their claims that their enzyme supplements aid in weight loss. The issues with the FDA are troublesome, although it is worth it to read R’Garden’s response before making a decision either way.

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