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It is helpful to learn about all kinds of diet plans in order to stay on top of things and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is why we are going to take a closer look at the Rice-Based Diet, which has been around for decades now. Rice is the most commonly consumed grain in the world.

Many people do not realize the nutrition you can get from whole wheat or whole grain rice. When coupled with fresh vegetables, you are able to get various nutrients, vitamins, protein, carbs, and fiber. However, there is virtually no saturated fat, cholesterol, trans fat, sugar, and sodium in this type of meal. This can have a wonderful impact on the way your body functions, as well as the way you look and feel.

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The Rice-Based Diet is one that is claimed to improve overall health, and promote weight loss. This type of diet minimizes sodium intake, as well as how much fat, sugar, and cholesterol you consume. Like many other healthy diet plans, this one emphasizes staying away from processed foods. If you are uncertain what foods are processed, this basically includes manufactured foods like crackers, chips, white breads, cakes, cookies, and countless other common food items you will find in grocery stores and supermarkets. According to some studies, dieters are supposed to be able to shed up to 30 pounds in the first month when on the Rice-Based Diet. The primary purposes of this diet plan are to deal with health concerns like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease. The type of rice you eat may vary depending on what your goals are. As you may know, whole grain rice is the healthiest, and contains ample good carbohydrates for energy, protein for lean muscle support, and fiber for regularity/a healthy digestive tract.

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  • A Rice-Based Diet can aid with shedding unwanted body fat.
  • This type of eating plan can benefit your heart and digestive system.
  • The Rice-Based Diet may benefit individuals with diabetes, hypertension, or kidney disease.


  • Some individuals may not like the lack of meat in this diet.
  • If you do not like rice, this may be a difficult diet plan to handle.
  • This type of diet is not recommended for those who have a colon resection.


All in all, the Rice-Based Diet may benefit some men and women that need assistance with healthy weight loss. It may also help individuals that are trying to reduce fat, sugar and sodium intake for general health reasons. One the other hand, if you do not like rice, you will likely have a difficult time trying to adhere to this diet plan. Fortunately there are other options available.

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