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The Rice Diet Program takes place in a small clinic in Durham, North Carolina. The diet has several phases, including the first which is considered a detox. During the detox, dieters mainly consume whole grains and fruits. Once they move to phase two, dieters can begin to incorporate beans, vegetables and a small amount of fish.

The Rice Diet Program has been around since 1939. The official website for the Rice Diet Program touts its health benefits in improving or reversing obesity, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. There is no scientific research on the company’s website to support its weight loss claims.


This product has no ingredients.

Product Features

The Rice Diet has a full medical staff available at its main location, “The Rice House.” Dieters who take part in this diet at The Rice House are given three meals per day at the house. They are subject to daily medical attention, including blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar monitoring and electrolyte balancing.

Dieters who choose to try The Rice Diet at home are able to follow the same diet as those in the house, except that they need to add more sodium to their diet. The reason for this is that home dieters are not getting their blood pressure checked daily by medical staff. They can also buy Rice Diet food products and diet books from their online store. The official Rice Diet website is full of information. There are success stories, descriptions of the program, a support forum, and almost any type of information related to the program you could imagine.

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  • The Rice Diet has many testimonials posted on the official website.
  • You can find answers to almost every question imaginable right on the official website.


  • The Rice Diet is only available in Durham, North Carolina which severely limits its usefulness.
  • The Rice Diet is very expensive.
  • The first week will cost you $2300, the second week will cost you $1800, and the third week will cost you $1000.
  • Fees drop sharply for each additional week but remain over $600.


The Rice Diet seems like a very intensive program that could be someone’s last hope before surgery. This program is very expensive and will require you to be in North Carolina for a number of weeks. You might also need X-rays and lab work which add to the already enormous costs.

Before starting such an expensive program, we recommend you try some diet supplements that contain a powerful thermogenic ingredient such as Citrimax. Thermogenic ingredients help your body burn off excess fat throughout the day and also while you sleep.

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