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The official website for the Rice Diet Lifestyle Clinic tells us that the Rice Diet was conceived in the 1930s by a Dr. Walter Kemper. It seems that Dr. Kemper discovered that in Dramatically reducing the intake of salt and eating a diet consisting mostly of rice leads to the reversal of many diseases as well as a loss of weight. The Rice Diet Lifestyle Clinic is based in Durham NC in the United States and helps people lose weight following the theories of Dr. Kemper.


There are no ingredients, the Rice Diet is a diet program.

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We are told in the official website for the Rice Diet Lifestyle Clinic that the Rice Diet will help you lose weight as well as reversing illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. If you decide to enroll in the program carried out by the Rice Diet Lifestyle Clinic that you will have daily interaction with health professionals, three meals a day, and workshops which deal with stress and health. We are further told that the meals will not only consist of rice but will also include fish, vegetables and fresh fruits.

The official website includes a number of before and after photos of those who have apparently followed this program. There are also some testimonials on the site. There does not appear to be any information on the cost of enrolling on this program. There are email and telephone contact details should you wish to contact a representative of the clinic. On the face of it there does not seem to be anything revolutionary regarding this diet. It appears to advocate healthy eating and a reduction in the amount of salt that you take. It does not seem to be any different to the hundreds of other diets on the market. Any physician will tell you that if you are suffering from conditions such as diabetes or heart disease that you will need to change your diet and decrease your intake of salt.

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  • There is an official website for the Rice Diet Lifestyle Clinic.
  • There are email and telephone contact details.
  • There is an online shop on the official website.


  • There does not seem to be anything revolutionary about this program.
  • There is no evidence that the Rice Diet is more effective than other diet programs.
  • There does not seem to be information regarding costs posted on the website.
  • We feel that this diet could easily be carried out at home and that you don’t need to pay to enroll in a clinic to undertake it.


At the end of the day there is no evidence that the Rice Diet offered by the Rice Diet Lifestyle Clinic is superior to other diet programs available in other private clinics.

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9 User Reviews about Rice Diet

  • 1
    max sturman

    Can it help reduce edema?


  • 2

    This is a WONDERFUL diet. It is simple to follow, and once you come down from your usual sodium intake, you will not crave the salts or sweets, and you will feel great. Get the book and follow it. But if you can’t follow it completely, keep two things in mind, low calorie and low sodium. Put it this way, if a South Beach diet box in the frozen food section has 300 calories but the sodium is 500, forget it. It’s not going to help you in the long run when you rebound. Choose EVERYTHING you eat based on those two things, calorie/sodium and you’ll see what happens. You’re gonna lose weight, and keep it off, too. It’ll change the way you look at food for the rest of your life. Get the book. If you do follow it like it says you will be amazed. And you will be healthier, too.


  • 3
    Linda Higby

    I fail to see how not being revoluntionary can be termed a disadvantage. This eating plan was developed in 1939 by Dr. Walter Kempner at Duke University to treat patients with renal disease and hypertension. That being said, I will add that it is basically a lacto-vegetarian dieta (from the Greek diaita, meaning way of life) with fish an option one day a week, thus becoming lacto-vegetarian plus. I have lost 25 pounds painlessly, because without the appetite stimulants sugar and salt, I was not hungry. My impetus for completely changing my way of eating was high cholesterol, which I did not want to lower with medicine if I could do it by eating healthy foods. I needed to lose a lot (more than 50 pounds) of weight as well so the weight loss is a terrific bonus. I am 63 years old and losing weight is not as easy as when I was 33 but this way of eating pays no attention to age. It’s healthy eating with structure, which is exactly what I was lacking. I bought the book “The Rice Diet Solution” and follow the guidelines faithfully. I have yet to enroll in an exercise program, but the pounds keep coming off and I feel much better physically and mentally than I did before I started. I am quite sure that my doctor will be pleased with my new, healthy eating habits, and blood tests in two weeks will tell the rest of the story.



    I agree completely Linda. This diet is unbelievable. Like you said, painlessly losing weight. Anyone that has reached a “plateau” on other diets, might as well just pick this one up. Then they’ll see real results, PLUS, be healthier. It actually does something to your way of thinking about food. You’ll never be the same again. I can’t say enough good things about this diet. If we all ate using the theories of this diet, nobody would be fat! or unhealthy.


    bill ohara

    thank you linda for sharing your info. i’m tackling this “way of life” to shed a few pounds and hopefully get back some of my heart health at age 65. be well, bill


  • 4

    what else does a person eat besides rice?



    You eat more than rice, it also includes whole wheat pasta, fruits and vegetables and protein


  • 5

    what doe you do to loose? eat rice for three days,vegetables for 3 days,fruit for 3 days? That is what I was told.Is this true?


  • 6
    trashaundra elliott

    tes im trying to diet and i have heard it works and i want to try it out im 510 and weight amost 300 pounds and i need some more info on it