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The Richard Simmons Diet was created by Richard Simmons, one of the best known fitness and diet celebrities. He has been advocating fitness for weight loss since the 1970’s and it is said that he has helped consumers lose over 3 million pounds. Richard Simmons started overweight, and lost his extra weight through diet and exercise. He is best known for his enthusiasm, and high energy personality. His first diet program was called Deal-A-Meal. His newest diet uses the same principles, but offers online support. The Richard Simmons Diet is based on low-fat, reduced calorie and portion control.


Not applicable. The Richard Simmons diet is available on the dedicated website.

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The Richard Simmons Diet is based on low-calorie, low fat foods and portion control. The diet plan consists of 3 meals and 3 snacks daily, and initially consumers are set up with a four week plan. The first week is Blast Off Week, which has meals laid out that are lower in calorie than any other week. Each week is based on the needs of the consumer, which is set up in the initial login to the website. The consumers use the Food Mover system, a visual system in which the consumer moves the type of food over after each meal, showing what has been eaten each day. When all the foods are moved over, the caloric needs are met for the day. The types of food include lean protein, starch, vegetable, dairy, fruit and dairy. Each food group will have a prescribed number of “exchanges” or servings for the day based on caloric needs. The diet uses this method to teach consumers about portion control, eating out, and the right foods to eat. Consumers on the Richard Simmons Diet are said to lose 15-20 pounds in a 12 week period.

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  • The Richard Simmons Diet uses a prescribed portion control plan for weight loss.
  • The Richard Simmons Diet is available online at his dedicated website.


  • The Richard Simmons Diet does not encourage the use of weight loss supplements.
  • The Richard Simmons Diet cost may be prohibitive to some consumers.


The Richard Simmons Diet uses the principle of low fat, low calorie meals with portion control. It also encourages daily exercise, using one the Richard Simmons workouts. This is not a quick weight loss plan, but encourages only a 15 to 20 pound weight loss over a 12 week period. Richard Simmons believes this is the best method for long term weight loss and health. This plan was developed by Richard Simmons, one of the most well-known fitness celebrities who has struggled with his weight in his life.

The Richard Simmons Diet does not encourage the use of weight loss supplements. For faster weight loss, a consumer may consider the use of a weight loss supplement. This supplement should contain both a fat burner and appetite suppressant, which is the best combination for results. This supplement should have a dedicated website with customer testimonials and clinical trials showing the effectiveness of the product.

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    Nancy Main

    I would like to purchase the Richard Simmons Diet cards


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    Can I still get your deal a meal or at least the chart on the cards


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    rachel aikman

    i want to lose weight and i can get it to work what can i do to help me lose weight so my kids will stop telling me that i am fat and i need to lose weight so can u please help me