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Weight loss has been a major issue and concern in American for decades now. Both women and men grapple with this dilemma daily, and are constantly seeking out a miracle cure. Unfortunately there are no miracle drugs for weight loss. However, there are many approaches to losing that excess body fat. One of which is the Richard Simmons approach. As you may already know, Richard Simmons has been around for over 30 years, encouraging others to get active and lose weight. Not only is he a popular fitness expert, but he offers dieters endless enthusiasm.

Even in high school, Richard Simmons was overweight (268 pounds). This encouraged him to do something about it. Although he originally tried laxatives and gimmicky products in an attempt to drop weight, he eventually turned to a more moderate/healthy diet and regular exercise. In the early 1970s, Richard Simmons decided to assist others with weight reduction. He was one of the first gurus/experts in the business. Currently you will find all sorts of DVDs, videos and books on the official Richard Simmons website to potentially aid others with fat reduction. Although he does not incorporate dietary supplements, he does encourage regular exercise. There are several helpful links provided on the main Richard Simmons website to assist dieters.

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According to his official website, Richard Simmons offers a number of weight loss/fitness products. Some of these are DVDs, CDs, Videos, Books, and Toning Accessories. All of this merchandise can be obtained directly through the main website. Richard Simmons products are suitable for both women and men who are striving to lose weight. One of the more popular DVDs available through the primary website is Sweatin’ To the Oldies. Essentially this workout DVD assists dieters with cardio workouts to help them burn calories and shed unwanted fat. Many other products like key chains, magnets, pins, t-shirts, dolls, and sweat shirts are also sold through the website.

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  • Richard Simmons encourages regular cardio workouts, which are good for the heart and calorie burning.
  • Unlike many weight loss gurus, Richard Simmons has been around for over 30 years now.


  • There are no convenient supplement formulas involved with this weight reduction approach.
  • DVDs like Sweatin’ to the Oldies encourage cardio workouts, but not a healthy diet plan.
  • Some dieters may prefer a more convenient pill that suppresses hunger and burns fat/calories.


There is no question that Richard Simmons has helped many men and women lose unwanted weight. He mainly focuses on a balanced diet and regular cardiovascular exercise. However, if you prefer a supplement formula that encourages fat burning, thermo genesis, and appetite suppression, the Richard Simmons method will not be ideal for you.

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  • 1

    can you still buy waqlk accross america?


  • 2
    Kent Melton

    Risherd Simmon Look Sick …Hope He Is OK!!


  • 3
    gwendolyn morgan

    i too would like to know if you all still have the 7min./7days/7weeks exercise tape? i would like to purchase one! thank you for your time.


  • 4
    joyce smith



  • 5

    I am a Richard Simmons graduate. For permanent, healthy weight loss, you can’t beat his Food Mover plan and you certainly can’t sit still when presented with his exercise opportunities!


  • 6
    Lori Lipscomb

    I really really need to fine your tape,”7 mins, 7 days, 7 weeks. This taped helped me more that any program I have every used before and after I lost the tape. I noticed you came back out with Sweating to the Oldies, so I am praying u might have the one I asking for still in storage. Could you please check and let me know and if so how to get a copy. This is very important to me so could you look again?

    Thankyou from my heart.



    I want this tape too, I agree is the best one I had, where can I get a copy? any format should work for me, thanks a lot!


  • 7
    alberta tompkins

    where do i buy 20th anniversary dvd richard simmons


  • 8
    Sherry Mccoy

    could i still buy the deal a meal..


  • 9

    do you still have the Richard Simmons shoes or did you seel all the clothing line off?


  • 10
    Kathleen Windas-Goodwin

    Do you help people that have had weight loss surgery?


  • 11

    What do you mean he doesn’t have a diet plan? He has the food mover which is the perfect balanced diet plan there is…that along with exercise and determination you canniot gop wrong with Richard’s program!!!