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Although you may have tried a few diets or fitness devices in the past, you should never give up when it comes to weight reduction. If you feel that you need to shed excess body fat, then you should know that there is a solution at your fingertips. The trick is to find it. One text that you may want to take a look at is “Goji, The Himalayan Gift of Herbs” by Rick Handel. Handel is an expert when it comes to health and natural herbs/fruits. He additionally runs a blog that can be accessed online any time if you need advice.

There are many writers and specialists these days that emphasize the importance of alternative health measures and solutions. This means more natural remedies like herbs, fruits and vegetables, rather than synthetic drugs. Rick Handel discusses the benefits of Goji, which is actually two separate fruits. These are found in both Asia and Europe. Often referred to as Wolfberry, this fruit is commonly called a super food because of its high nutritional value and considerable antioxidant levels. Some people even believe Goji berries can help with weight loss and a youthful appearance.

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Rick Handel is essentially a health expert and writer that co-wrote the text, “Goji, The Himalayan Gift of Herbs.” This book aids dieters with learning more about the countless natural health products and supplements on the market these days. One food that is specifically discussed is the Goji Berry, which is claimed to significantly improve both mental and physical health. Along with the consumption of other natural fruits and herbs, dieters can supposedly benefit from Rick Handel’s advice. As far as regular exercise goes, this does not appear to be mentioned in regards to the book, nor do any weight loss supplements.

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  • The Goji berry is rich in antioxidants, which is wonderful for combating illness and disease.
  • Rick Handel appears to have a broad knowledge of natural herbs and health solutions.


  • Although the Goji berry is healthy, there is no clinical data presented that links it to weight loss.
  • Some dieters may not appreciate this book about natural herbs, since it does not really focus on weight reduction.
  • There are no dietary supplements involved with this text.
  • This book focuses on staying healthy, rather than shedding unwanted body fat.


When all is said and done, Rick Handel does not really focus on weight reduction as much as he does alternative health measures. While Handel may be an expert on Goji and herbs that improve overall health, many dieters are looking for a more solid solution to weight loss. In other words, you may want to take a look at some other diet product before choosing this book.

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    Hey Rick is there a product that compairs to Freelife Memory Mate or Prosta Mate. Thankyou. Noah