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One company that dates back to 1996 is RidgeCrest Herbals. This brand name in particular produces more than 20 different over-the-counter supplement formulas at this point. The formulas are primarily made from herbal ingredients, and can all be acquired through the official website. Some of the herbal formulas you will find on the main RidgeCrest Herbals website are as follows; Adrenal Fatigue Fighter, Anxiety Free Stress Release Formula, Blood Sugar Balance, KidneyAid, LiverClean, VisionAid, Water-X, and ThyAid. Each supplement serves a different health purpose.

As for weight loss, ThyAid is one formula offered by RidgeCrest Herbals that may assist some women and men with reducing unwanted body weight. A full list of ingredients for RidgeCrest Herbals ThyAid is found below. As you may have guessed from the product’s name, ThyAid endeavors to assist with thyroid functioning. This is an important part of your body’s daily functioning and can have an impact on weight gain or loss. Therefore individuals with an underactive thyroid gland can take ThyAid to encourage everyday, healthy thyroid functioning. Like all other RidgeCrest Herbals formulas, this one does not appear to come with a solid satisfaction guarantee.

List of Ingredients

Yellow Dock Root, Hiziki Seaweed, Calcium Lactate, 74 Trace Minerals, and Thymus Substance.

Product Features

Supplement formulas from the RidgeCrest Herbals line such as ThyAid are offered to potentially assist people with healthy thyroid functioning. This in turn may aid in the overall weight reduction process (the thyroid gland has an impact on how much weight you gain or lose). ThyAid contains primary ingredients like Yellow Dock Root, Hiziki Seaweed, and Calcium Lactate. A single bottle of this product sells for $10.99, and contains 60 capsules. It should not be taken by individuals under the age of 18, unless directed by a licensed medical doctor. Women who are pregnant or nursing a child should not take RidgeCrest Herbals supplements.

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  • All ingredients are provided on the primary company website.
  • There are some testimonials presented on the website for RidgeCrest Herbals products.
  • No medical prescription is needed for supplement formulas like ThyAid.


  • Very minimal information is provided on each RidgeCrest Herbals supplement.
  • These products have not been reviewed or approved by the FDA.
  • Some dieters may experience allergic reactions to certain ingredients found in formulas like ThyAid.
  • Actual clinical research is not presented to support claims made about these supplements.


With so many weight loss supplements and diet pills available today, it can certainly be a challenge keeping them all straight. As for RidgeCrest Herbals products, none of them appear to be developed specifically for fat loss. While ThyAid may be able to help some individuals with their thyroid gland functioning, it is not claimed to boost your metabolism or curb hunger at all.

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    Nancy Good

    Just need to know whether Clear Lungs has thinning affect on blood, since I’m having surgery this Wed., and cannot afford “thin blood”. Thanks for letting me know!


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    Have you any feedback/information regarding the lung cleanse formulations?