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Rightway Nutrition is a company which focuses on sports management and weight loss products designed for dieters of all fitness types. The Utah based company was founded in 2010 and subsequently became a powerhouse in the supplement industry. Within the following few years, the company was awarded a Rising Star award from GNC. We will take a closer look to see if this Rising Star is the right company for the average dieter.

List of Ingredients


  • Rightway Nutrition is a sports management and weight loss supplement company.

Product Features

Rightway Nutrition is a supplement company dealing primarily with sports management and weight loss solutions. The main products include, BADDASS, MuscleXplosion, BetaBurn, African Mango Edge and HCG Platinum. On the website, we found information relating to the product line, but no information relating to clinical trials or the effectiveness of the products. Several third-party sites performed research on the products, but none were listed associated with Rightway Nutrition.

On the website, dieters can find information to contact the company and learn about the products. When we visited the site, we found more information relating to the company winning an award from supplement superstore GNC, than the viability of the products.

When we did find information relating to the products, we found all of the products to be rather pricey. On the low end, dieters will be spending a minimum of $40. On the high end, more than $70 for the supplements.

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  • The company received several awards relating to being a Rising Star in the supplement field.


  • The ingredients listed on the Rightway Nutrition website are available as proprietary blends.
  • The products are expensive.
  • Dieters cannot purchase the supplements on the official website.
  • The products are not backed by clinical trials or scientific research.
  • The products are rather expensive.


Sports nutrition and supplement companies are a dime a dozen. Companies provide a product, market said product and appeal to the masses and hopefully establish a customer base who is essentially misguided by false information. Several companies on the market lay claim to having the best products backed by research and fail to provide information to the customer. Word of mouth and a few before and after pictures do not make a great supplement company. Rightway Nutrition is one of those companies. The product select consists of five products. Each of the products has proven ingredients, but not proof of the effectiveness of the products. We found the ingredients listed in proprietary blends, which reduce the effect of the good stuff.

We look closely at each product and company. If a company does not provide the necessary proof to back a product, what is the company really attempting to sell the misguided dieter?

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    I am very very disappointed with Rightway nutrition shipped the Gacinia Cambogia 90 capsules and on the bottle it did not say the HCA paid them via card and at the delivery had to pay another $20.00 all to-gether ended paying$70.00, for 50% HCA careful when you
    order ,i got ripped off.this was first and last of Rightway product.called them 4 times and had no response from them.Go to GNC products.