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Rio Cleanse claims weight loss and total body detox. There is an official website for the product, but we could not find an ingredient list on that site. There are a few ingredients mentioned in the literature, but we are positive these are not the only ingredients as the sentence concludes with the statement, “and more.” There is a free trial offer for Rio Cleanse. The trial time frame is 15 days. The first day is the day you place the order with the company. If the product takes 16 days to reach you, there is no free trial at all. All free trial orders are placed on an auto-ship program. The first and all subsequent charges will be $79 per bottle. If bottles are returned, the company charges a $25 processing fee.

List of Ingredients

Cha de Bugre, Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea, Psyllium Husk, Papaya Fruit, Aloe Vera Powder, Fructooligosaccharides and Guar Gum.

Product Features

Cha de Bugre has stimulant properties, so it is not surprising it is listed as the most potent (or first) ingredient. You can typically find Cha de Bugre paired up with Hoodia Gordonii. We found some references to a theory that the two work synergistically making the other stronger. This is a claim and not a proven fact. Hoodia Gordonii is marketed as an appetite suppressant, but clinical studies do not support this claim.

Green tea is a proven weight loss ingredient, but we have no idea if there are 50 mg or 500 mg. Green tea is also a source of antioxidants and caffeine. Psyllium husk is a natural, bulk-forming laxative. It is not a weight loss ingredient. When taking psyllium husk it is important to drink lots of water because it is also used as an anti-diarrheal as well. Psyllium will collect waste and move it out of the body if there is enough fluid in the body.

Papaya fruit is often used to calm an upset stomach or aid digestion. Aloe Vera Powder is another laxative. Being that the name of the product is Rio Cleanse, we expected more laxatives or a few diuretics. These could be the missing ingredients referred to with the “more” statement.

If the product were purchased at retail, according to the product website, consumers would pay more than $100 per bottle. The sale price is 25% off at $79 per bottle. Returns are accepted with an RMA number.

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  • Green tea has clinical proof supporting weight loss claims.


  • We have no idea what the full ingredient list contains.
  • Some users reported headaches, insomnia and anxiety.
  • The free trial does not give enough time to try out the product.
  • Detox is not the same as weight loss.


Rio Cleanse is just another cleansing supplement using alluring pictures and outrageous claims to draw in the dieter.

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2 User Reviews about Rio Cleanse

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    Although the way this product was sold was worked for me! I took it for weight loss reasons, but instead got out of it more energy and better sleep. I started sleeping more soundly and would wake up in the mornings not feeling like I had to hit snooze 5 times! I mainly stopped taking it because I was also making a lifestyle change and thought I could stop using the product and just eat healthy and exercise. I did this for a few months and eventually went back to my old ways unfortunately. I’ve been very upset that I can no longer find the product. I’m not sure why it is no longer being sold. It is the only cleanse I have found that doesn’t have the GI side effects and that actually works. Although I did lose some weight, I don’t really attribute it to taking the cleanse. I think the cleanse did just cleansed all of the junk out of my system so my body could function like it should. If anyone reads this and knows where I can still get the product, please let me know! Thanks!


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    Lynn Meyer

    This product did nothing for me. I did not realize I was signing up for a $79/month obligation and now I am stuck. I do not wish to receive the product or to be involved with it at all.