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Rio-Stim is a stimulating product from the Rio Beauty Company. The stimulator, nicknamed Rio-Stim, tones skin using radio frequencies. The Rio-Stim wand is not the only cellulite reduction product sold by the company. We found no information on effectiveness and no before and after photos from consumers who’d used the Rio-Stim to reduce cellulite. We’d love to say this product will reduce cellulite with the swipe of a magic wand, but if there are any effects at all those effects are only temporary.

List of Ingredients


  • Stimulating wand to reduce the look of cellulite.

Product Features

There are tons of products on the market from toning creams to magical wands like the Rio-Stim that claim to reduce the look of cellulite. The wording is extremely important to dieters. The look of cellulite is that bumpy appearance that shows through the skin. The Rio-Stim does not claim to evoke weight loss or permanently change fat cells, just smooth them out for a time using radio waves.

The official website for the Rio-Stim goes into great detail to explain how the product is used. There are places on the body that cannot be treated – over the belly button, breasts and face – and places that require stronger treatment than others. There are three strength settings as noted by the three blue lights. One light is the lightest setting and three lights is the strongest setting.

The official website has one review from a customer who has tried the Rio-Stim. The customer was thrilled with the cellulite reduction, but without pictures there is little validity to the review. We could not find any independent reviews of the product off-site, either.

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  • May reduce the look of cellulite, temporarily.
  • Available for purchase online.


  • No independent reviews of the product are available.
  • The pictures provided on the website for Rio-Stim do not show the effects of the wand.
  • No clinical evidence is given that supports the cellulite-reducing power of radio waves.


As the old saying goes, if it is too good to be true it probably is. The Rio-Stim is not a weight loss product and it will not help you slim down. The effect, if any, is the temporary reduction in dimpling associated with cellulite. To the company’s credit, they do not claim the Rio-Stim will reduce weight or fat stores, but the implication is there. Even if the product only helps skin look smoother, before and after photos are needed to support that claim.

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