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Rip 60 claims to be more effective than P90X. The program utilizes rotating straps to increase workout intensity. DVD instructors for the video series are George St. Pierre and Jillian Michaels. Aside from the use of suspended, rotating straps, Rip 60 claims to provide better results than P90X in just 60 days rather than 90 days. Nutrition, free tips and videos are available on the official website for Rip 60.

List of Ingredients

Exercise chart, nutrition guide, workout DVDs and rotating straps.

Product Features

The first problem we see with the Rip 60 program are the rotating straps. The official commercial for Rip 60 shows the straps suspended from the ceiling of a warehouse. We are unsure where the average person would suspend these straps to gain the same effectiveness. George St. Pierre pulls very hard on the straps, so the anchor would have to be very strong. Ceiling brackets are sold separately for $35, but there is no weight maximum listed for the brackets. These brackets must be bolted into supporting board in the ceiling. According to the product description, the hooks provided with the rotating straps hook on doors, fences, trees and more.

There are 8 weeks of DVDs, progressing from a starter workout to a peak workout in week 8. Other fitness equipment like kettle balls and yoga mats are needed to complete all 8 workouts. Additional workouts are provided with George St. Pierre and Jillian Michaels. A yoga and runners workout completes the DVD series.

Rip 60 is completely portable, so the dieter can take the straps anywhere in the included travel bag. Rip 60 sells for $120 plus shipping and handling. The ceiling brackets are $35 and the Weider kettle ball is $99. This is a lot of money to spend on a workout system.

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  • All details are available online.
  • George St. Pierre and Jillian Michaels are well-known athletes.
  • May be more effective than P90X.


  • This program is too intense for most beginning dieters.
  • The upfront cost is higher than most workout programs.
  • Not proven with years of testimonials like P90X.
  • Michaels and St. Pierre are not in every video.
  • Requires 8 weeks of dedication.


Rip 60 may be more effective than P90X, but the average dieter will not be able to follow the workout routines. Week one focuses on preparing the user for the following weeks of workouts with the rotating straps. If the dieter spends more time in week one before moving on to other weekly DVDs, they may have better luck following the program to success. Mounting the rotating brackets to the ceiling requires tools and knowledge of home building materials and techniques. Professional installation is suggested.

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    What is the different between trx and rip60 ?


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    juan Quijada

    Rip 60 its been working out for me I started @ the beginning of sep/2013, I was 230lbs, I’m half way in week seven and I weight 187lbs, my wife and I we are happy with my results.

    Can wait to finish.