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If you are trying to build muscle and get rid of fat, you are not alone. Millions of people of all ages are becoming more health conscious, and trying to get in shape, and many of these people use health supplements to help aid their workouts. RipFire is one of these products, and it has been featured in many magazines, but many users are skeptical. The website claims that users can get results quickly, but many people that have used this supplement complain that they received little or no help from this product. This product is quite expensive, and there is little evidence to back up the claims on the product’s website.

RipFire claims to give you improved energy for harder workouts, and at just $49.95 per month it seems like a steal, but most users agree that the results are minimal. The goal of this product is to use Nitric Oxide to improve your energy and your body’s ability to burn fat and produce muscle. Ripfire was first introduced a few years ago, and they offer a free trial. The only catch to this is that if you sign up for the free 14 day trial, they also sign you up for 2 months of supplement at $49.95 a month. Also, none of the claims made on their website have been confirmed by the FDA. This product boasts great claims, but the actual results are quite disappointing for many users.

List of Ingredients

Nitric Oxide.

Product Features

RipFire features a 14 day free trial, and boasts incredible results on their website. This product has been reviewed by many fitness magazines, and it seems like a great product, but the truth is that there just aren’t enough positive reviews on the product’s website. This product is meant to increase your energy while helping you burn fat and increase muscle mass. There are a few good before and after pictures on the website, but many reviews state that the product was expensive and ineffective. Overall, this seems like a mediocre product that has had a few success stories. None of the results have been examined by the FDA, and the results shown on the website are not typical for the average user.

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  • This supplement is easy to find online.
  • There is a money back guarantee with this product.
  • RipFire is fairly inexpensive.


  • The results claimed by this product are not verified by the FDA.
  • Many people claim that this supplement is ineffective.
  • Some customers have had their credit cards unjustly charged by this company.
  • There are very few helpful ingredients in this product.


Although many people are looking to build muscle quickly, many of the supplements out there are practically useless. Like many other products RipFire claims to offer great results, but customers are often left disappointed. This product has a few advantages, but the disadvantages are overwhelming. Not many people have benefitted from this product, and it seems like it is probably just another below average muscle builder.

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28 User Reviews about RipFire

  • 1
    Gursharan singh

    can u tell me plz that … Fat burner effect on sexual part….. Plz reply


  • 2

    My age 25 male.
    Weight 251.3 lbs (was)
    Hieght 5ft 11inches
    Ripfire does work, so far I have consumed 26 capsules ie 26 days.
    Daily work out for 75 mins, aerobics and cardio.
    Iam on low carb and no fat diet.
    Today my weight is 220.1 lbs ie 99.700 kg.
    Lost 14 kg in 26 days.
    There are no side effects so far,
    only first 2 days were uncomfortable.
    Consuming butter milk 2 to 3 glasses makes everything just fine.


  • 3
    John Spence

    I used RipFire and the results were there…but if you will read the bottle and research the ingredient list you will find 2 minor steroids in it…which combined can and did cause me problems with my health since…I quit and have kept the weight off with out it but it gives u the drive and takes more from your body than is good for you…I lost 30 pounds in two weeks and still ate 3 meals a worked but my blood pressure isn’t the same and its been 6 months since I quit the product…DO NOT TAKE THIS


  • 4
    Trent Harrison

    I do not want to put on muscle mass, I just want to slim down and become more lean while losing weight. Will this prodcut put on muscle mass or will it hel me slim down and lose weight?


    Your Name

    It really does burn only fat, muscles remain untouched.


  • 5

    Will RipFire give me a 6pack and a chiseled chest? That’s all I want to know.


  • 6

    i Have not tried Ripfire yet… but i will say this product and any type of intense fat burner is going to raise your heartbeat…it has to u have to get up and move to burn gotta get your heartbeat up to burn fat and calories to if you’re sensitive to things that do this .. Dont take things that will and dont belive this is for beginners or heavyset people its ripfire not burn 100 lbs fire also it uses Nitric oxide which increases Bloodflow…which affects your heart


  • 7
    Darin J

    I got heart flutters and endedup in the hospital. It was four weeks before I waas able to workout again. I stopped the rpfire and I recovered.


  • 8

    Ok this has been irritating me for years of body building. All the home users trumpet “not FDA approved” for almost every supplement. SUPPLEMENTS NEVER GET GDA APPROVED!!! They are neither foods nor drugs, they are supplements. Why would the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION approve them? Please stop using this as an argument.


  • 9

    I just recieved my free trial, and will be adding it to my program. I work out 6 days a week 5 days a week are intense weight lifting. This product is ment to push you harder during your workouts there is no magic pill. I can tell you this as a weightloss success story of 55 lbs in six months and a fitness professional. As the comments above mention always read the fine print every free trial is going to have one on average its 14 days. As far as the side effects such as the chest pain that can be caused from an increase in heart rate at which this product is not for you always read the ingredents and know what you are taking, if you are not sure bring the product label to your doctor they may suggest against online diet supplements but just ask if you should be able to take them. Obviously if you have an irragular heart beat or things of that nature again not the product for you. If you are on sure of how to train for muscle hire a personal trainer some of them working out of their homes may be more affordable. There are also online trainers that can creat programs designed just for you that you can access online and do from home or print and take with you to your local gym. Good luck to all on your fitness journey! : )


  • 10

    I got the worst rash from this product and it does not work


  • 11

    tried this product and had messof chest pains,i stopped taking it they went away ,i thought it was just me so i started on ripfire again to see . chaset pains came back and the pain was intease ,always check on the product and inform them of what it does.


  • 12

    I think the people who got scammed, did not read the fine print (saying that after your first semi free sample they will charge you monthly for it and ifyou do not want this- to call customer service and cancel it)

    My little sister stole my credit card and ordered this, I found out the day after and called them and said I did not want the product at all, erase my information, etc etc. They sent me a Confirmation email saying that they will no longer bill me (I saved it-obviously, in case i got scammed it could be used as evidence). Moving On…

    So they sent it to me anyway free and I read all the reviews on it before giving it a try. I workout regularly but have been having issues breaking thro a roadblock (losing my love handles/lower belly fat/getting tone). So I took it and did my workouts and saw results the same week. My love handles and belly fat dissapeared and I could see the muscle underneath.

    So, It does work…But I just think it depends on your workout routine and body type. you cant just sit on a couch all day and expect to be ripped. I suggest taking a protein shake after workouts as well.

    It IS really expensive though, I understand that. It is not a luxury I can afford. But, It worked for me.
    And if they ever charge my card (which they wont because im a stubborn b**** to have to deal with) I will raise hell, file a lawsuit and you all are welcome to join. :)

    If you do order the free sample CALL THE NEXT DAY AND CANCEL IT AND DEMAND TO BE TAKEN OFF THE LIST! this will save you anxiety and money.



    I agree with you Samantha. If you are not going to workout and do what it takes to turn fat into muscle nothing is going to help you short of surgery. I did use it and had no problems I did see results once I got serious about my workout. I was not seeing the results until I did get serious. In regards to costs, if you don’t read Terms and Conditions of anything you buy online than there is no one to blame but yourself when it comes to charges. If you can put your CC in to get a free trial you should be able to read the terms that come with it.


  • 13
    Dwight Hutchinson

    I would like to know more about your get rip & cut.


  • 14

    the people who say it doesn’t work try it for 5 days and dont workout then see no results and complain, you don’t gain muscles in a day people, its working good for me



    No it does not work there is nothing in it that makes this a good product and the charged my credit card after I had cancelled there product dont use this
    product it does not work .



    It gave me more energy than i had in years awrsome product it does work


  • 15

    Don’t know much about this product but look at venom pills I know quite a few people that it’s been very effective for.also look into the sadkhin complex for a diet plan


  • 16
    Ricardo Lake

    can u tell me which supplement to take that will help u loose belly fat turn it into abs and gave u muscles in 2weeks as u work out.


  • 17

    I get drug tested if I get tested will this come out as a barbiturates or anything that will cost me my job


  • 18

    Can you take it if drink alcohol?



    It will show up on your drug test as an opiate


  • 19

    I have lost 2 inches on my waist in 30 days!! RipFire can change your life! it has mine, Thanks RipFire!


  • 20

    Is rip fire a good burner


  • 21

    how many people just take the stuff and dont acctually try?


  • 22
    jeremy jim

    hoe do i get the 14 day free sample


  • 23

    can u take this product if u r a type 2 diabetic