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Ripped Abs Extreme is a catchy title that brings to mind visions of bikini season and perfect bodies. Most dieters would find this to be an extremely appealing thought, especially when coupled with the promises made by the manufacturer of quick and easy weight loss. When inspecting diet products and their claims, it is important to remember one should not judge a book by its cover. In this case the cover is quite attractive, but how good is the book?


List of Ingredients


The specific list of ingredients are not made available.


Product Features


Ripped Abs Extreme claims to incinerate fat, increase adrenaline production, increase thermogenesis, increase the rate at which calories are burned, increase overall energy, and support the production of testosterone. A serving of the product consists of three of the rapid release capsules which are specially designed to get the active ingredients into your system as quickly as possible. A serving should be taken with breakfast and a full glass of water and about six hours later, again with food and water. It is important that this weight loss supplement be used along with a low calorie diet and vigorous training plan.


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  • The product can easily be purchased at online merchants.




  • The ingredient list is not made available at any of the online points of purchase making it impossible for dieters to learn more about the product.
  • A disclaimer from the manufacturer says that the studies that are quoted were done on one component of the product, separate from the others and not on the actual product.
  • The manufacturer claims the product can help individuals lose up to 35lbs in 90 days which is much faster than most programs or doctors recommend.
  • There are only 40 servings in each bottle but two servings are recommended each day meaning the bottle will not be sufficient for a full month. Because of this the price per month becomes excessive.




Unfortunately, the book does not live up to its cover this time. While Ripped Abs Extreme makes many beautiful promises there is little evidence to back them up. Nowhere does the company provide the full list of ingredients for consumers to pursue nor any scientific testing on the specific product. These are all warning plans for any diet. Additionally, each bottle does not provide enough of the product for a full month meaning anyone who wanted to try it for a full month would have to buy two packages making it an expensive dietary risk. With all of the negatives associated with this product it is probably best to stick with a dietary supplement that has been scientifically proven to burn calories and suppress appetite rather than one that claims to have one ingredient that works.

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