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Most of the diet pills available in the market contain harmful chemicals that can cause big problems to its users, if not properly guided. Diet pills are mostly used by professional people, who join competitions and tournaments. But sometimes, it is used as a way for regular people to lose weight.

Ripped Freak is a Hybrid-Drug fat burner and is promoted as a product that can help its users lose weight fast and easy.

List of Ingredients

Epigallocatechin-3-0-gallate Ester, Epigallocatechin-3-0-gallate Ester, 4′-0-Methyl-Epigallocatechin-3-0-Gallate Ester, Epigallocatechin-3-0-gallate Ester, 1,3-D , 1,3,7-Trimethyl-1H-Purine-2,6-Dione Methyl Gallate, Red Pepper Ester Stack, 4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxybenzyl-8-Methyl-6-Nonenoate Ester , 4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxybenzyl 8-Methyl-Nonanoate Ester, 4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxybenzyl 7-Methyl-Octanoate Ester, 4-2-Methyl Ethyl Ketone and 4-2-Butanone Methyl Gallate Ester

Product Features

Ripped Freaks uses a Hybrid-Drug formula that focuses on all major weight loss mechanism known to specialist and researchers. It claims to contain a new synthesized weight lose ingredient, known as Hybrid-Drug Lipolytic Compounds.

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  • When you talk about Hybrid-drug, it is a combination of multiple elements that can promote specific task, fast and effective.
  • By using this formulated drug, there is a high chance that you can lose weight fast and easy.


  • The problem with this kind of drugs is their side effects.
  • Ripped Freak is known to cause dizziness, nausea, and restlessness.
  • This kind of drugs causes’ unknown side effect if continuously used and may caused serious health problems.


Ripped Freak is a very powerful drug and should be used with extreme caution. You have to make sure that it is safe for you. Consult your doctor and ask if you can take this kind of drug. Ripped Freak honestly just scares me. The side effects alone of this product just really would turn me away from it. The product is really aimed at those who are serious about body building. It is really not for those who are sensitive to caffeine. I wouldn’t expect miraculous results from this pill or any other diet supplement unless it is paired with a stern and constant routine that is filled with exercise and actively eating right. It really is not wise to depend on this diet supplement alone as I’m sure you will experience some kind of side effect since the body is not use to this type of supplement taken on a daily basis. I know it is great to have a good figure but it is always best to be safe on what we take. Diet supplement or not, any and everything that enters your body should not be a direct attack to your health. Don’t gamble your health on something that you are not sure of.

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56 User Reviews about Ripped Freak

  • 1

    I was wondering if I would be able to take this product, I’m a 19 year old male and have had epilepsy since I was 10 years old. I need to cut down fat to reveal previous muscle hidden from my weight, I’m pretty active. If anyone can help before I buy this would be a great help thanks.


  • 2

    I bought Rappid Freak Fat Burner 2 days ago and I’m currently sick as a dog I can’t keep anything down. I was vomiting like crazy and vomiting purple stuff. The instructions said I can take one in the morning and one in the evenning on an empty stomach but really it almost killed me maybe I didn’t follow the instructions correctly pls help I weigh 85.6 Kg and I wanna go down to 60Kg but if this is how my day one was I’d rather not use the product


  • 3
    Waste of money

    Anxiety like crazy!!!! Never felt this way… Feel like I’m being strangled…. Throat is all tensed up… I’m very active and train 6x a week.. But not doing it with the help of this rubbish


  • 4

    I have starting taking RF again after my first attempt almost a year ago. The first time I took it, as per instructions I became dizzy, nauseated, and jittery. After a few hours I had quite a bit of energy and went for a very long walk with the dog, to the point where I didn’t want to stop walking! Needless to say I didn’t take another one again. Now almost a year later I’m on day 4 and feeling pretty good. I’ve taken it with food and have found the jitters didn’t hit this time with taking food first. It has defiantly supressed my appetite and my food intake is now less than what I normally have. Not really excising besides Yoga and walking the dog. There is a bit of a euphoric feeling earlier in the day but nothing that interferes with a normal day. Havent dropped any weight from what the scales say but I can fit clothes I haven’t worn in years, so something is defiantly happening.


  • 5

    I don’t recommend ripped freak to anybody who doesn’t take any other type of supplement or is sensitive to caffeine. My first time taking one pill my heart felt like it was going to come out of my chest I got panic attacks and felt extremely dizzy. It did make me workout like crazy for nearly the whole entire day but I felt so sick and I couldn’t relax or have a break I was just in go mode untill I fell asleep from major exhaustion.


  • 6

    Hi there, I just wanted to know if it is ok for me to take rf, I weigh 53 kgs so I’m quite small and gym about 3 days a week but need to get rid of unwanted fat that I struggle to get rid of, and rf was recommended since my boyfriend took it and had amazing results. However I used to have epilepsy and my body is very sensitive to basically everything but eventually gets used to it, so was just wondering if health wise it’s fine?
    Thank you


  • 7

    Will you fail a present employment drug test on ripped freak?


  • 8

    I don’t take it dailey,just on days when I need a boost, sometimes one a day, sometimes two a day. I never had any side effects, but awesome energy, lots of water with this product, the more water you drink, the more effective it is, don’t take on a empty stomach.


  • 9

    day 1 took 1 in the morning before breakfast, felt sick and had diahorra,and shakes, and hardly sleep that night. Day 2 took 1 pill after breakfast as advised by the personal trainer. still the same but better. Indigestion/heart burn and acid reflux wake me up in the middle of night.


  • 10

    Today is my first day taking Ripped freak, not sure what to think about it besides that I feel great! I am just over 300lbs 5’3 and turning 21 so I’m very very over weight. I never had motivation/energy to get up and work out. I bought a treadmill and I am dedicating myself to make sure it doesn’t become a coat rack. I know this drug is best for body builders but I am convinced it is going to help me get the energy I need to get my butt on the treadmill. I woke up this morning took it around 9AM drank the 500mls, about half hour later I made a protein shake and then I went for on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I had an incline of 10 and a speed of about 2. I would switch from high incline to low incline depending on how I felt. My BPM stayed around 150-160. So far I don’t feel like throwing up, have a bit of diarrhea. I have ate threw out the day, banana for snack and a salad with chicken for lunch and have been keeping busy. I have had my heart tested because I do take Concerta 54 mg for adhd (stimulant) So far I think this product works well for giving my body the energy to do the activity I have to do. Please don’t hate on this comment because I am overweight, I am just trying to get healthy, just wanted to see if anyone else out there has taken this well being overweight.


  • 11

    how long does Ripped Freak stay in your system for?


  • 12

    Its an awsum product to use but is very strong for women to use ! It takes away you apitite for food ! Its a good and a bad thing but at the end its worth it ! Just want to find out how long it takes your body to get use to it


  • 13

    First day I used ripped freak went to gym 6am and worked out like superman.. Drank 6 bottles of water. Has so much energy that I done an intense skipping workout and felt great. Next day rested. Then went to gym the next morning to do chest and started feeling dizzy. Spent all day carbing up. Still feel dizzy. It’s now day 4. I’m not dehydrated because I’m knocking back water like a thirsty whAle.. Day 5 tomorrow see how I go


  • 14

    When I was doing an intense workout regime this time last year I heard alot of positive feedback about this product, so naturally I bought it. I was 18 years old at the time, and I am female. First time I took it I felt a little bit funny, but was told by my boyfriend who is a bodybuilder that that is normal. So again took it the next day before the gym. Next thing I know, that night I cant see out of one eye, string a sentence together which scared my mum enough to take me to a&e. I was vommitting contantly for three hours, had two injections into my bum which did not work because of how often I was vommiting. My boyfriend and mum told me the next day that I was literally climbing the wall trying to escape the pain. I genuinely thought i was going to die that night, I have experienced migraines over the past few years anyway, but none that were strong enough to send me to hospital. Two capsules down and I end up in emergency care has got to make you question the chemical makeup of such a product.


  • 15

    to me the only set back is that my stomach is a bit up set but I havent been drinking the amount of water thats recommended. I dont think any fat burner is intended for a sedentary life-style, so if thats your thing I suggest something natural. And this may sound harsh but if you’re an “Ipad reader while I run type of person”, most likely it will overwhelm you.


  • 16

    The people are RIGHT that say this pill is intended for athletes. I take it before working out or strenuous activity…if you wanna get a great boost of stamina and work harder its great….I walk 9 miles, 3.5 hours and its great for that and for my weight lifting days…I kill it in the gym using this..but I WOULD NOT recommend taking it if your not doing strenuous activity. I’ve taken it only when I need it for 2 months must be active or u sit there and freak out….like u would on any energy pill….ONLY ONE BAD SIDE EFFECT FOR ME AND THAT’S MUSCLE CRAMPS!!! AFTER I LAY DOWN TO SLEEP, I WAKE UP IN THE NIGHT WITH CHARLEY HORSES OR STRANGE CRAMPS IN MY FEET, ANKLES, CALVES OR THIGHS ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME! VERY STRANGE….Wanted to see if anyone else experienced this side effect.


  • 17

    Hi, I have one kidney. Will this affect my kidney if I decided to take it?



    Honestly mate I seriously wouldn’t recommend taking it look after your kidney lifes to short


  • 18

    i been taking this since september 2012 and i used to be 140kg now im down to 95. but i never took 2 pills per day i only took 1 in the morning(06:00 ish)then went for a 1hr+++ walk and did some strenght training around 16:00 and i stil do the same thing. And if you dont drink alot of water you will feel some kind of pain in your belly. btw on the box it says take on in the morning when you wake up and then 1 later 30-60 min before training, so my q is didnt you guys feel bad taking 2 pills before training?


  • 19
    Concerned user

    Please do not take. With in half an hour I was in hospital hooked up to a heart monitor. Three years later I’m still not the same. I was going to the gym daily. I haven’t gone back yet as I get winded just walking. Please stay away.


  • 20

    I’ve been taking this product for just under 3 weeks now I take 2 pills a day 1 in the am 1 in the afternoon. At night I get a pins and needles feeling in my hands has anyone else had this problem


  • 21

    day 1 took 1 in the morning, felt sick and had diahorra,and shakes, and no sleep. Day 2 took 1 pill 30mins before training, vomited twice at training, went home sick and diahorra again. Indigestion/heart burn and acid reflux, not sure If I will carry on with taking it.



    same here but I still can hold on to it so far. how are you with the product now?


  • 22

    I took this for the first time today..
    A lot of bad feedback has surrounded this supplement however I think the wrong sort of people are using it.
    It you look at the package it specifies that it is intended for ‘body builders and serious athletes’ not an average fat person looking to drop some weight.
    I’m a very active very fit elite football player who works out 5-6 times a week, so needless to say I was not worried about taking this supplement,
    I’m using it to drop the extra few % body fat off my already fit body.
    I have had a great experience with this so far.. I was energised this morning after taking it and throughout my football game that continued, I had no sweating outbursts I didn’t have a racing heart or feel dizzy at all.
    My stomach was mildly unsettled but that is expected prior to a game and because it wasn’t used to this supplement.
    I’m 18 and think that the wrong people are getting bad side effects.. Look at it like this.
    An obese man or lady which is very common would look at this supplement and see ‘fat burner’ and jump right on it, their body isn’t used to a high heart rate and it can not cope with this sudden change thus bringing about these bad side effects,
    Bottom line is, if you’re fat do some exercise and diet rite!
    If you are elite then look to something like this to aid you in reaching your final goals, be smart!


  • 23

    I am a 15 year old boy, I’m really into working out I just want a way to shred some fat so then I could see more muscle that is hiding.i am wondering if ripped freak is something I could start taking, I have been looking at reviews and it sounds amazing and also kind if dangerous, I could really use some feedback thank you.



    Your 15 and still growing, you shouldn’t be taking this honney. Just keep working out, maby look into “cutting weight” like boxers do before a fight?


  • 24

    I took it only once and I got sick.
    I could not get out of bed after taking,
    I’m still dizzy.I never go back to taking it.I thought I was the problem, but I see that others also happened,this is a poison.


  • 25

    I took for the first time today and I will NEVER take again…on extremely nauseous, have the shakes and I am dizzy…IT’S NOT WORTH IT


  • 26

    I’ve used the product for bout 3 weeks And I haven’t had ne side affects. I take it at or around 7 in the morning And i sleep really Wel through the night. I like the product. A lot.


  • 27

    first time taking it today and my heart is racing, I’m nauseous, and I’m sweating. I’m only 17 years old and I’m 5’10 about 150 pounds. I looked up symptoms and it says these are symptoms of a heart attack. This wouldn’t give me a heart attack my very first time would it? I also took neurocore 5 minutes before i took one pill of ripped freak.



    Girl !! you are 17. Please, Please dont take any of this stuff. Dont you see you took 2 different kinds of drugs?
    You can give your self a heart attack.
    Eat right, exercise a little and get on with your life.


  • 28

    This is an excellent product. It’s aimed at body builders so the formulation is intended for body building. The stimulant content is actually quite mild relative to the typical fat burner/thermogenic profiles. It’s heavily green tea based and there are some additional ingredients it contains which has a very long lasting effect and may give many people a nice sustained euphoric feeling. The good thing about this product is that it has a relatively low caffeine content and ZERO yohimbe content. Mind you, I said RELATIVE. If you are sensitive to caffeine, I would still say to use this product with caution. As with all thermogenics and stimulants based products, I would NOT suggest one to take it shortly before doing cardio, that’s just a really bad combination. Other than that, it’s an EXCELLENT appetite suppressant.


  • 29

    I took this for the fist time today I am in to working out everyday just thought this work help my cardio….I started running and my whole arm started to swell up and I got really itchy …and dizzy…I will never use this product again


  • 30
    tara jones

    Please do youself a favor and not take this stuff. My head was hurting so bad and I became so restless. Its not worth risking your health.


  • 31

    Im 16 years old and what i do is i take just one pill before working out, the burning feeling in your stomach shoule decrease when you work out. Take one pill a day for 2 weeks, then off one week, then on 2 weeks! If your on a healthy diet and workout routine you will see results i promise ! oh and make sure you drink TONS of water! xo


  • 32

    Read a lot of good feedback on it so bought a bottle. Was good first day, didnt get the intense rush of energy but when I went to gym I killed it! However does make me feel dizzy and started to experience severe tummy cramps in the second week so now I only have one on the days I work out but try not to take two days in row. All in all bit disappointed


  • 33

    I have taken this product on two different occasions now.

    The first time I loved it! I lost more than 10lbs in 2 weeks and I didn’t experience any noticeable side effects. I took 1 in the am before breakfast and sometimes 1 before my workout in the afternoon. It helped me run for longer periods and I felt I could lift more!

    This recent go around wasn’t as positive. I don’t know what has changed with me or the supplements but if I take one in the morning, my stomach pains are too unbearable! I sweat, alot, I get the shakes, and the pain in my stomach lasts atleast 15 – 20 mins at a time. And when I workout, I dont get the same effect I did before, I dont feel more energized, and if I dont take them one day, I feel exhausted all day, like I had done extensive work the day before and I feel this way until I take them again. Slow heart rate, heavybreathing.

    I guess I just realized this pill isnt for me anymore. Just be very cautious taking this supplement!!


  • 34

    I’ve added ripped freak to my workout stack and the morning serving makes me extremely nauseated but only when I go to have breakfast. Other then that I had no harsh side effects, and I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine and i get no jitters.


  • 35

    second day on one pill a day. took first pill at 5pm, couldnt sleep till 2 am. feel hard out anxiety.


  • 36

    lost 10lbs in 2 weeks, lower carbs, stick to them in the morning (and around training time), and the rest of the day just high protein.

    thats with 2 pills a day. metabolism has sped up, and the sweat drips out of you when doing cv.

    one side effect, left kidney has had a dull ache, and weeing more frequently


  • 37

    dont use this product if you’re an overweight couch monster who doesnt wake up and at least go for a walk 3x a week. your fat ass can’t handle it. ripped freak works awesome if you’re at least in decent shape!



    Dude I lost 70 pounds and I was a slob. Now I am in the best shape of my life.
    So it depends on each person’s tolerance.


  • 38
    Eden T

    I have been using this product now for 6-7 days i started with 1 pill and have gone to 2 pills. I take one before i workout at 5am i get a little dizziness but nothing i cant handle but it does seem to make u feel stronger and with cardio i seem to be able to run longer and i have lost about 2 kilos in the week that i have been taking it.. On the first day i took it i had a little diarrhea but nothing like i have read from others who have taken it. The second pill i take around 3-4 in the afternoon it gives me a bit of a rush when i take but like i said for me i seem to be able to handle 2 ok but i will report back here when i finish the bottle..



    I have been taking for a week two a day and have not experienced any side effects at all. Not even sure they are doing anything at the moment. Grenade tablets gave me a real buzz but feel nothing with these. Training very hard but always did. Will finish bottle and see if there is any major difference…..


  • 39

    If I workout around 4pm do I just take 1 pill in the morning or 1 before I workout?
    I want to limit myself to 1 pill daily. Thanks.


  • 40
    do not take this stuff

    Do not take this….i experienced the WORST “migraine like” symptoms and hour after taking 1 pill this one day(i had taken it before, this was a random reaction), the pain in my head was so intense i couldn’t even stand or keep my eyes open, it lasted about 3 hours and i had to fall alseep to relieve it, a few days later when i told a Dr. about the symptoms and how severely intense the pain was he said “personally i would have gone to the hospital if i was you, that’s just not normal.” So there you have it, the bottle is in the garbage, and i realized i’m healthy and dont need to put myself at risk to lose 10pounds. Goodluck to those who continue to use it:-)


  • 41
    peter spencer

    Hi iam in the army is it safe to take as we have cdt ,drug tests,thanks pete


  • 42

    To be honest the side effects are too much for me. Gets me way too amped up and crazy restless, as well as stomach cramping, this is all probably due to the large amounts of caffeine in it



    Stomach cramping is not gernerally associated with caffeine, any ingredient with “methyl” in it may be the reason for the cramps, a high protein diet may also be to blame



    Your cramps were likely a sign of something much worse. i took this for just a few days, one pill in morning 30 minutes before my workout, and after several days went into rhabdomyolysis, which is a potentially life-threatening condition in which your muscles are destroyed and the breakdown products clog up your kidneys. i also suffered some mild liver failure. i have been in the hospital for 4 days and they tell me it may take a week or two more inpatient to resolve this and then i cannot work out for weeks. this risk is definitely not worth taking. there should be a class action lawsuit against this drug.



    well taking these kind of drugs are always harmful , but not to the point that gives u a kidney and liver failure! although it might be, but if you understand what is actually inside that pill, u would definitely get my point. usually these stuff are marketing products (useless), shouldn’t be that bad anyways, a little dizziness wont kill you.
    i’m a pharmacist btw.


  • 43

    Yes I have been taking it
    Now it’s been two weeks I started taking one a day for a week and now moved on to two. It really does work with a good diet and workout routine! Only side effect I have felt is not sleeping as good I wake up with a boost it’s weird but good at the same time


  • 44

    Is there anyone out there that has tried this product and can advise if this product has any side effects?



    I took one pill yesterday and one pill today and they make me feel nauseus, and I get a burning in my stomach. Not sure i’ll continue with them….



    I had the same feeling. Ive been taking it for 3 days now and I have been getting an increase in acid reflux to the point of vomitting. I will not continue using this product.



    I’ve been taking one pill a day for the last four days. Yesterday (day 3) I really started to feel nauseous and I wasn’t sure if it was the pill because the first two days I was alright… But since (day 4) this morning it has really gotten worse to the point that I feel bed ridden because I just get more and more nauseous as I move about. I have Also felt light stomach cramping on and off … I can see results and the scale says I’m down 3 lbs I have been watching my diet and walking daily. Overall I don’t feel that the results are worth the side effects especially the nausea … If I could decrease the nausea side effects I would continue but at this point I am thinking about discontinuing its use due to the horrible and I mean horrible nausea..